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      Hey guys, I’m sure this topic has been beat to death but I thought better ask people who have knowledge on the subject rather than hold it in. Ive been looking to start MTBing and I’ve this one has really caught my eye. Curious to what more advanced riders or mechanics may think about the bike spec wise and for the price it’s at.

      Thanks for any and all advice:

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      There’s a good article about that bike here —->

      Know that the one you’re looking is last years model.

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      1. I guess, you already know or read about it, but just in case… In MTB there are 3 main branches and/or types of bikes… Cross Country (XC), Trial and Enduro. Depending on the discipline you like most and the trials near your home, you select the bike you need. That being said, the bike you want is in between XC and Trial due to its 120mm front travel. It seems a good and fun bike. Just please keep in mind to save some extra money because you’ll need to buy gear (helmet, gloves, shoes, water bottle or reservoir backpack, multi-tool, etc. and also might want to invest in non-indispensable but totally worth it upgrades such as a tubeless kit (sealant, valve, tires) and a dropper seat post. The only thing I won’t suggest is to do major/expensive upgrades to your bike, because in the long run, it will be much more expensive than buying a top notch bike since the beggining. Unfortunately, I’ve been there…????. But don’t over think… It is always more about the rider than the bike. Hope you find some of this info. helpful. ????????????????
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      If you’ve never tried mountain biking at all and don’t even know if you like it, I think this is a great bike to start on. It’s certainly better than what I started on. Once you get into it and figure out what kind of riding you like to do, you can start thinking about upgrading to another bike. As for upgrading components, I agree with renehlarue on the dropper post, but could go either way on the tubeless tires for a beginner. To me, that comes down to how much you want to learn all at once.

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      Check the blog post. I think it’s help you gearbikesreview

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      I think that the best beginner Hardtail has progressive geometry, 29er wheels, and 2.6 or wider tires.  The Rocky Mountain Growler and Specialized Fuze would be some good examples.

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