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      I would first like to start off by saying great site. I finally got my wife and oldest daughter interested in Mountain Biking. I think that this will be the start of something great.


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      Welcome to the forum. Glad to see you have the wife and daughter wheeling it with you. My girlfriend will ride with me as long as it is not too gnarly or steep. Where is Warner Robins? Sorry, don’t get down to GA that much.

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      Welcome Gateman. Congrats on getting the family out on the bikes. I have been working with my son and taking him to the beginner trials to try and not burn him out but he like riding the dirt bike a lot more. I myself enjoy the exercise and the quiteness of the bike. I would rather hear my heart beating than I had the roar of a bike engine.

      Hope you guys stay interested and ride for a long time.

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      Welcome aboard Gateman. Don’t forget to post a ride report of those rides with the family. Those are the greatest. I’m blessed to have raised two that love mountian biking. The daughter is older and doesn’t go with us but one or two times a year, but the son and I tear up the trails together. Gotta love it. Keep the family rolling, what a great way to spend time together.


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      Hey thanks everyone. Craig Warner Robins is located about 2 hrs south of Atlanta.

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