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      Hi there boys and girls.I’m new to MTN biking I started over the summer. For two reason one to get back in shape from my high school sport playing days, and to spend time with my brother.

      It took me 4 months to find a bike, the day I sat on the Rockhopper I was sold. I went with the 08 one because the frame was made out of M4, which made this bike super light. I have since put some money into, new handle bars new wheel set( long story why)

      I raced in my first race this year out at Addison Oaks, which is my favorite trail to ride on. I got fourth in that race.I should have had 3rd some one came in before me that never passed me on the trail. 😠

      I am planing on racing more next year and I hope to get picked up on a team very soon.

      I love downhills and many of the riders I ride with, who are much faster then me say that I am one of the fastest people they ride with when it comes to going downhill. I have good speed on the flats and get to top speed very fast, but just can’t keep it going for more 5 mins (working on that )They tell me once I get faster at climbing I could be a real handful to race against.

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      Welcome to Singletracks!

      I see you’re from Michigan as well…. are you over at too?

      I wouldn’t worry too much about not hitting the podium on your first race, fourth is very respectable! I’d be happy personally to place 25th out of a field of 100 riders! And that you did so on a basically OEM Rockhopper is cool too, since it’s not exactly a race bike. 😎
      If you want to maintain your speed, work on your interval training…. and then go Mr. Big-Ring, and ditch the granny-gear entirely. 😉

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      The granny gear is pretty much
      Manly on two and on those feel good days number 3. 😃

      Yeah I am on that site two same name.

      It sucks tho when you have someone who cuts the course along with someone racing in your class that shouldn’t have been in your class. i.e. beating 2nd place by more then 6 mins and me by almost 8. 😠

      I tell you what the weight of this new Rockhopper is not that far off from the Stumpjumpers(lower end ones). Other then the weight savings and the climb ability not sure what else is different between these two bikes now. I will be up grading this bike and trying to make it lighter. I have put a new wheel set on them but I was not able to cut weight here, due to my riding style, just got some hand built super tough wheels ended up being almost the same weight as the ones I started with.(Sunrims Rhino Lite 36 spoked)

      I think the front fork and Drivetrain are next on my list of things to change along with putting some disc brakes on this bike. I get going to fast for my own good 😃

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      Welcome to the forum FattyClark. It’s impressive you are racing your first year. I’m in my third year and still trying to get up the hill.

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      The first time I came up to the line man I was like, now this is what I was missing in life.My heart started beating fast waiting for my wave to get let go. I have never pushed my self so hard before in my whole life. I was spitting a little blood because of two things I was out of water and the trail was a bit OK a lot dry. I wish I had video of one of turns I made OMG I was going well over 20 mph has I came out of this drop with a huge amount of air and landed at the top were it turned and felt the back end slide out on me I just pedaled on through it and keep going.If I would have went down there I really doubt I would have gotten

      I also have been doing a bunch of trail work around here and I found out I got a natural nack for it. The TC at my favorite trail is kinda nurturing it. We have done a lot of work together and likes the thing I come up with. Some times tho he has to clam me down and tell me "that is a little dangerous". lol

      He is also a elite level rider and has been one of my main riding partners. He has taught me about how to pick a smooth line, and carry speed.And riding for my strengths and getting race ready. He is a ex roadie. lol

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      How many you guys do night riding, man talk about a good way to mix things up. Lots of fun. Takes me a little longer to ride the trails but I find I get better workout all across my whole body.

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      Do a fair amount of night riding. In fact, kind of by accident I found myself wandering out of the woods last night 1 hour after dark. Glad I threw one of my lights in the pack. I prefer day riding but there’s just not much day to work with this time of year. We don’t get too much cold weather here until mid January or so, usually in the 40’s and 50’s in early evening. I like multiple light sources, not too remote trails, cell phone and extra clothes if chilly. Others who post regularly here ride at night also.

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