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      So pretty soon I’m going to get a new helmet and am trying to do some research.

      pretty sure i want to go with Giro, i have a Giro Havoc and i like that a lot.

      im not too worried about price if i find the right one. Need good Ventilation, of course the best protection, reliability and its gotta look good!

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      I personally like the hybrid type helmets, they offer more covereage/strength than a XC helmet, but are heavy duty like a skate helmet. Decent ventilation, too:

      Pro-Tec Cyphon, Fox Flux, and Giro Hex or Xen (In decreasing order of protection)

      I had a skate style lid (661 Mullet) for dirt jumping, but it got too warm for long climbs. I also had a Giro Havoc. Cracked it open on a tree. No more lightweight helmets for me.

      I currently have the Pro-Tec Cyphon. I love it.


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      I ride with a Spiuk helmet. They are a spanish company that is pretty widely known in europe. All of their helmets are made to meet EU standards which are more rigerous than the standards here in the US.

      This is the helmet I ride with.


      I chose it mostly because it had high crash test ratings, and it was the most comfortabe lid in the LBS.

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      ^Just a FYI.

      The Euro standards are CE-1078, which many US helmet manufacturers meet.

      Look for helmets with CPSC and CE certification (Snell has a new 2003 draft standard, but I don’t think it’s been widely adopted, Snell is the be-all, end-all for motorsports certification.)

      Helmets are rarely Snell certified anymore (B95 or B96 IIRC is the latest Snell spec) as it is costly for the manufacturer and is VERY rigourous (even more than the CE-1078 standard).

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      I know that Bell and other major US helmet manufacturers don’t test their lower end (<$100) helmets for the EU standrds.

      That being said there are many factors to consider when choosing a helmet. I like to consider the safty aspect first because ultimately that is the number one reason you throw down your cash in the first place.

      Comfort and style fall second in my mind. Also something to consider that I think many people my not is the color. I like to choose a helmet with a lighter color. While a black helmet may look cool, it will bake your head if you are riding in the sunshine for any period of time, especially in the summer.

      The Pro-Tec helmets look pretty sweet

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      well i seem to be torn between the Fox Flux and the Giro Xen.

      the skid lids just arent my style…

      how do i know what fits right?

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      I have logged several thousand miles and two brutal crashes in Giro Xen helmets. I will wear nothing else. They are comfy and incredibly well vented, and when the ER doc saw the damage to my helmet from one of the crashes, he re-examined my head, but that was the one part of my body with no injuries.

      My favorite feature is the extra coverage around the back of the head.

      They retail for $130, and you can find them on sale for $79.

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      I use a giro hex. The ventilation is great as it practically has little scoops built into it. Plus, I think it looks neat.

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      Totally agree with fat_boy, the hex is great. Excellent ventilation and fit. Great protection all around.

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