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      Hey there!

      I just moved from Germany to Cambridge as I stay here for 6 month as a visiting student. I brought my Trek Slash with me and I’m looking for some epic trails all aorund the Boston area.
      I already picked up a few spots here on singletracks (like Middlesex Fells, Lynn Woods, Harold Parker State or Horn Pond). But as I know from home riding with locals is always way better than to wander around searching for nice tracks on your own when you’re new in the area.

      I’m thankfull for any tipps and suggestions what, when and where to ride in the Boston area. I’m equally open to technical trails and downhills as to flowy tracks or long rides with lots of vertical (as the Slash is capable for everything). I also purchased a Ticket for the Highland Mountainbike park and looking forward to test the trails there.

      I would discribe myself as an advanced rider but definitely not an expert and just started to try small drops and stuff like that. Unfortunately I don’t have a car but could rent one once in a while.

      Thanks and cheers

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      Welcome the the forums, unfortunately I can not offer any help with trails in the Boston area! If you find yourself in St. Louis let me know and I will point you in the right direction here!

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      Not mt bike related, but for a different tip of adventure, try camping on the Boston Harbour Islands. About 5 miles from downtown, these offer a unique get away. My wife and I camped on Lovels (sp.) island about 12 years back. Nothing like exploring an island that has old military fortifications and then watch the sunset and the city lights come to life while having a fire on the beach.

      Take the T to the Aquarium, from there a ferry will take you out to the islands. You will need to take all supplies, including water.

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      Rode here many years ago. 😃 Judging by the reviews, it’s only gotten better. … -area.html

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      Thanks for the welcomes and tipps 😃 .

      I wanted to go down to Cape Cot a weekend anyway and will definitely keep the West Barnstable Conservation in mind! Same with the Islands, sounds like fun!
      I tried out the Horn Pond and the Horn Mt. today and it was actually fun, although just one mountain doesn’t offer too much opportunities. Next weekend I will have a look at the Middlesex Fells Reservation at it was closed for Mountainbiking today.


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      I believe in the summer you can take a ferry from Boston to Provincetown’ the very tip of Cape Cod. This would eliminate the need for a car.

      Beside this thee is Vermont Transit (maybe Greyhound now) that provides bus service from Boston to points in south western NH and VT. They may allow bikes, not sure. Also if you in school, see if there is an "outing" club or other outdoor adventure club on campus. This will provide possible trips, rides, people with similar interests, and some have gear for lease.

      I hope you enjoy Boston and New England. I lived most of my life 60 miles away and always loved it. Now I live in Georgia.

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      Hey Brian,

      thanks for the tips! I checked the ferry which is very expensive (84$ round trip). A car rental would be much cheaper here.
      Ich will check out the other stuff, the more oportunities the better.

      I’m absolutely positive about my time here! The first few weeks were awesome and with the summer coming I guess it will get even better 😀.


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      There’s some very gnarly X/C in Harold Parker. You can take a commuter train from North Station to E. Wilmington (Andover line) and follow Rt.62 into North Reading and thence to HP. Google "Wicked Ride of the East" for a pretty good map, or look for it here.

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      Hey Leon,

      thanks for the tip, I will try that out one of the next weekends.

      I had a look at the bikeloop at Middlesex Fells Reservation. That was pretty awesome, they a hughe trail network there that want to be explored 😀


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      Hey Till, welcome to the neighborhood. I lived in Watertown, just outside the city, for 8 years, and currently am in Framingham.

      There’s no "epic" riding in this neck of New England, but there are some great clutch rides. Check out to meet up with the New England Mountain Bike Association, and a LOT of great riders and fun dudes.

      The Fells is the closest to Boston, and it opens next weekend. There’s an 8 mile MTB loop there, but many trails are not open to bikes, and it’s a hotbed of annoying political stuff.

      Check out, instead:
      Cutler Park (Newton): Fast, fun, smooth, no tech challenges, great afterwork ride
      Landlocked Forest (Burlington): Awesome mix of fun trails and the occasional technical passage – lots of fun.
      Willowdale/ Harold Parker (north shore)
      Russell Mill (Chelmsford)
      Wompatuck (south shore)

      Those are some of your clutch rides. Within 30 minutes of Boston is plenty of fun riding — if you need any ideas in particular, feel free to ping me a PM!


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      Hey Fitch,

      thx for all the suggestions. I’ve been to Middlesex two times now and I really like it there. Fun Trails, amyn roots and rocks. I will test the Lynn Woods next time as I heared a lot about them and will be at the HMBT opening May 1 – May 3. Really looking forward to that.

      At least I have a lot of areas to try while I’m here. As I have my Zipcar Account ready I will also be capable of driving to nice locations.


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