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      Hi everyone!
      I have decided to get into mountain biking and I am ready to buy my first bike. I have visited three local bike shops and I am now deciding between the Gary Fisher Advance and the Raleigh Mojave 4.0. I really like both bikes, but I really don’t know enough to tell the difference between the two, except that the Raleigh has disc brakes and the Gary Fisher doesn’t. I am also curious if anyone has any other comparable suggestions in this price range. I am trying to stay between 400 an 500 dollars.
      Thanks! 😃

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      I bought a Mojave 4.0 and have put several hundred miles on it at my local singletrack. So far, so good. It is definitly a good starter bike for the money. I looked at several bikes in your price range and the Mojave was one of the lightest in that $ range. My LBS offers free tune ups (if bought new from him 😆 ), so I have taken it in regularly for PM, and it rides and looks as good as it did when I bought it. Good luck, hope this helps.

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      Hi JIm welcome to th esite. If you brose the bloggs you will see lots of advice around new bikes. Marin is another low caost bike but good quality.

      Over time you will probably be happier with Disk breaks as they offer better stopping and don;t get all gummed up with Mud etc…

      Have a great time

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      You may also want to consider buying a nice used bike. For your price range you can probably get a used bike that was ~$1000 new.

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      i started with a mongoose from walmart then went to LBS and got a specialized hardrock for just under $500. both have disc brakes and that is what i want on any of my bikes now. i am very happy with my specialized also 😬

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