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      it starting to get dark when i go riding now and i need one under 150

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      This brand is by far..IMHO the best I’ve ever ridden with. NO CORDS, bright as Xenons on my Land Rover and doesn’t weigh much at all.
      The joystick is for the helmet and they have awesome handlebar mount lights too that can let you bomb trails upwards of 25MPH and not outrun your light source. If you’re serious about riding in the dark and possibly playing the 24hr scene..these are the bomb.
      This is a bit above your budget..but you won’t be disappointed.

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      I just bought the Sigma Karma on Amazon for $106. Free Shipping. My LBS Highly recomended it. He had one in the shop that was his. It is super lightweight, 3.5 Hour Run time and 2.5 Hour Smart Charger. Reviews say that Helmet mount is weak. Not sure of that. It seemed to be stable to me.[/url][url][/url]

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      Ok, don’t laugh, but I bought this headlamp a long time ago:

      If you pop the strap off, the bracket will snap into a Giro Xen visor like it was made to go there. No joke, it even still has about 20-30 degrees of angle adjustment.

      It’s not too heavy, runs forever on 3 AAA batteries and provides enough light for finishing a ride that runs into the evening, or as a backup to your main lights for 24 hour racing.

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      "maddslacker" wrote

      , or as a backup to your main lights for 24 hour racing.

      You mean when it’s a full moon on an open exposed trail and you’re not trying to win the race..right?
      The challenge I think most shoppers for lights will have is trying to reconcile watts with lumens and then there are Lux designations . We use watts on our home bulbs for brightness until we start popping in the energy efficient ones that have the same brightness at 1/3 the watts.
      Your 50 Lumens lamp is drowned out by a 280 lumen torch and imperceptible to a 700-900 lumen device when used in conjunction.
      The hi output LEDs will trounce the usual watt based lights any day for brightness and projection as they rely on a lense to magnify and not borofloat lense to reflect and the LEDs from some manus will have a lifetime warranty.
      I have an NR HID which I spent Bank gets super hot (like you’ll burn off your skin with an ill placed touch on the lense), the battery life is limited and you’re running a cable to the battery source in your pack and silly expensive bulbs to replace.
      The Exposurelight I have on the bar is the best ever for pushing back the night.
      The Li-Ion route is by far the most expensive on the front end, but the NiMH and NiCad are heavy, get charge memory issues and need replacing later too.
      I think your light is for emergency on a bike..even the site doesn’t suggest it for riding per their use diagram.
      A battery AA/AAA operated light is appropriate for dusk with some urban ambient light. Honestly I think a baseline budget to play safely at speed on MTB trails under canopy is $400-500.
      The difference between riding at 10MPH in the moonlight to 25Mph+ in the dark is the delta on lighting price and winning or losing the race.

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      "maddslacker" wrote

      as a backup to your main lights for 24 hour racing.

      As a backup, just like I said…this assumes running the big lights on the bike, and the lightweight LED light for occasional glances to the side.

      I have ridden at night with this, without ambient city lights, (you ride in the city?) no full moon, and yes I can, toodle along at 15-25 mph.

      This has been used on Bergen Peak, Hidden Mesa and Golden Gate Canyon State Park, NOT the local bike path as you seem to imply.

      Anywho, just saying it works for me, I really don’t care if no one else tries it or even agrees.

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      "maddslacker" wrote

      , I really don’t care if no one else tries it or even agrees.

      I see you dim and dimmer! LOL. I know you don’t post just for the hell of it.
      That’s what forums are for, discussions, banter and conclusions.
      I forgot to add that yellow lenses on your glasses will get you even more time before the contours all meld together.
      We Kiwis are low on the diplomacy scale as a group, so my apologies if my remark was a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but we do love beer after a disagreement or a Rugby test in which the All Blacks beat the opponent silly.
      Wishing you a bright fall riding season.
      Come and play in next year’s 24 hours of Adrenaline.

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      I should probably also mention that due to a congenital medical condition I have freakishly good night vision, that probably helps.

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      You’re not a cougar are you? Or a shape shifter?

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      um, no?

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      Play nice boys….But this is funny…

      Princeton Tec have some nice equipment out there as well…Hopefully soon I will let you folks in on the new Light and Motion Seca 900 which when you want to talk about Lumens and eye burning LED’s with long burn times this is it…So was told to me by the rep..However I will have to see or not see for myself…I will let you all know…Unfortunately a bit over the $150 cap..

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      Yeah, cycling aside, I have several Princeton Tec headlamps and they simply awesome for a wide range of activities.

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      i recently bought the Light and Motion Stella 120 lumens light it works great but it blinds unsuspecting drivers where you happen to come to the road or what not. its rechargable they also make the same light in a double A option. the one i have is on a trickle charge the down side is that you cant use it right outta the box for about 130$ i am defiantly satisfied with the light. it can be mounted to your bar or your helmet

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