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      I’m looking to buy a new helmet, enduro style, and I’ve been doing on line research. So far I really like Troy Lee Designs A1, Fox Racing Flux helmet, IXS Teail RS, and Smith Forefront(but it’s so pricey), just to name a few.

      My LBS/ski shops don’t have any helmets out yet so I can’t even try any on. I’m just wondering what you guys are wearing out there and what would you recommend.


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      All helmets have to meet the same basic safety standards even $20 Walmart models. But I moved up to Bell Super 2R with MIPs.

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      I purchased the Giro Montaro mips last year and have had no complaints. Great ventilation and the fits is spot on.

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      I wear a Bell super 2r and love it. But if you plan on racing downhill or enduro you need a helmet that meets racing organizations standards, and the bell 2r does not. So far the only full face with removable chin bar that meets those standards is the Giro switchblade.

      And there are multiple standards.

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      I have a big head, and hats/helmets often don’t fit. The large Giro Montaro fits perfectly. I can even fit a thin balaclava under it for cold weather riding. It is well ventilated for summer riding. My only complaint is the little screws that hold the visor come loose. I think a dab of silicon adhesive would prevent this. All helmets meet the same ansi standards, but after having crashed hard with a cheap one, I decided to upgrade. The difference is noticeable and your melon is important. I’m a normally cheapskate, but am happy I got a better helmet.

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      I used to have the  newest Fox trail helmet but switched to POC Trabec. Way better quality and much more comfortable.

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