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      Relatively new to Georgetown, KY and new to the sport. I’m a beginner and wanting to get my wife and kids involved. I’m looking for beginning trails where I can take my family and have fun. I’m also looking for trails near Georgetown, Ky until we become for familiar with the sport and area.

      Please feel free to make suggestions…



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      Hello Mark and welcome to the sport, or passion, we call mountain biking.
      It is very habbit forming and will lead you and the family to many
      memorable moments.

      Sorry I’m not closer and could advise you of the trails in your area. But
      I did want to welcome you to the forum and to mountain biking in general.
      Depending on how old your kids are, I started mine out on rails to trails
      which should be plentiful in KY as well. We then progressed to singletrack
      and now it’s "Katie Bar the Door !"

      If you ever bring the family close to the Parkersburg WV area my son and
      I would be glad to show you our favorite section of the 75 mile North Bend
      Rail Trail or some of the awesome singletrack at either Mountwood Park
      or North Bend State Park.

      Ride Safe but Ride Often.


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