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      Hey Guys and Gals,

      I am new to the sport and don’t know a lot about it.  I have a Trek 3900 that I got years ago from my brother.  I have been riding it just for some cardio but the hard road is becoming a little boring.  I don’t have a lot of money to go buy a new and true XC bike but would like to know what I can do to this bike to upgrade it.  So far I have looked at getting some new wheels and doing a brake upgrade and possibly a new fork? Other than that I’m just feeling around in the dark.

      I live in Florida and have found a few trails that I’m excited to go and try out but I need to get the basic knowledge and tools before I decide to just jump on my bike an go riding.  Any info and help is greatly appreciated.



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      Where in Florida do you live?  I’m also a new guy and I was given the advice of get gear built for the conditions you’ll be riding.  ie lots of roots, probably want full suspension, lots of downhill = disc brakes, etc

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      Closest club to me is Sarasota. But I live in Port Charlotte. You?

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      you are about 1hr 45min from Alafia River state park, one of the best trail systems in Florida. You should check it out.

      There is also Caloosahatchee trails not too far south. I have not been there, but they do not show any beginner trails, and I do not know how technical their intermediate are.  Around where I live we have advanced trails I don’t think are hard and intermediate trails that kick my behind.

      I actually will be visiting a friend that lives near there, and riding Alafia this weekend.

      I personally prefer full suspension with all the roots and rocks.  But The 3900 should be plenty good enough to start on. My wife rides beginner trails and some easy intermediate trails on a hybrid comfort bike with only 63mm of front suspension and semi-road tires.


      Once you have some time on the trails you will be much better able to tell just what you need vs want in a trail bike.

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      Ok, Thanks!  Should I worry about the brakes and new wheels then? I found a set of avid mechs for 71 with calipers, rotors, cables and handles. But my wheels aren’t meant for discs.

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      I would say just make sure your brakes are in good shape and hit some beginner trails. Once you are riding harder trails you can decide what upgrades you need. You might find you want / need so many upgrades it is cheaper to to buy a whole bike.


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      sounds like good advice to me.  i live in Jax

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      mlombar, did you do the Santos ride last Sunday? I live half way between Jax and St Augustine.

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      no I haven’t been to Santos yet, it’s on the short list though along with Alafia

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