New Giant Trance. Need overhaul help

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      Ok, so got a great deal on a Giant Trance X1 2009. Front Fox Float RL with 140mm (I think) has been rebuilt 3 years ago and rode 3 times. Rear Fox Float RP2 shock isnt holding air. Ive seen some cheap new RP23 and CTD Float shocks on ebay for 150ish. Isnt that cheaper than getting this one rebuilt?


      Also, the handlebars and stem have to go. I was thinking Easton Havoc? Any advice?

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      Not sure about the shock, here is the link to Fox factory service.  they are showing $145 plus parts, so unless what you can buy is as good as a shock it is sort of a wash.


      As far as the stem and bars. The general consensus us the Trance came with too long a stem for the frame design (90mm) and it is recommended to switch to either a 40mm or 60mm (which ever feels better to you). I have a Stance, which had the same issue, (the LBS switched mine to a 60mm before they put it on the show floor). I later switched to a 40mm. I also went with a 40mm rise bar over the stock 20mm rise. Both the stem and bars on my bike are Truvativ. Got them from Jenson USA for a reasonable price. Very happy with them.

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      If it were me, I would let Fox service your shock. The way I see it is let the pros do it and better the devil you know then the devil you don’t know.

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      Oh Im not doing it myself. Just thought if its like 150 to rebuilda 2009 Flox Float RP2, why not buy a new RP23 with Kashima coating and multiple settings for the same price

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      Buying a used RP23 for $150 sounds great, but you could end up with a second shock that needs to be rebuilt, if not right away soon.

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        No I meant new. The CTD Float evolution is on sale for 159. I would rebuild before I bought used.

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