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      Hey guys, I’m a recent convert from a Cannondale Hard Tail Rigid (circa 1994 M300) to a new Sette Ace – I’m so happy to find Single Tracks – looks like you guys have an awesome community here!

      Glad to be here!

      Cheers, Matthew

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      Glad to be here, looking forward to contributing to the conversation!

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      fs is what its all about man.

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      Nice man, and yah, welcome to singletracks, with both the FS and the website, you’ll be riding with serious style now.

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      I’m excited to be here! I’ll be posting my experience on the new bike here for sure! For all Sette owners, I’m blogging at [url:1hzjhcir][/url:1hzjhcir] as well 😀 Again, great to be here everyone!

      Looking forward to some great discussions with everyone!

      Cheers, Matthew

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      Thanks Chillipepper! Much appreciated!!

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