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      Hi, I am looking to get a new front tyre for my Capra. I would be running a dhr2 in the rear and I am trying to decide for the front between another dhr2, a dhf, or a magic Mary all for a similar price. I would probably just go with the dhf but it is in 2.3 and I would rather 2.5. Also let me know if you have any other suggestions, thanks!

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      Let me throw another suggestion in there: a 2.5 WTB Vigilante. I’ve been running one (tough casing, high grip compound) as a front tire for a few months now and it’s great. It’s got fantastic grip in loose, muddy, and otherwise less-than-ideal conditions. Before the Vigilante I had a Maxxis High Roller II for a front tire, and the Vigi feels every bit as grippy as the High Roller, plus the Vigi rolls a bit faster and is typically a little cheaper.

      I spent a very muddy day riding at Windrock bike park about 2 weeks ago. Windrock is home to some of the steepest, gnarliest, and most difficult trails around. For this day of riding I was rolling on the vigi up front with a high roller II out back. Not once did I feel like didn’t have enough grip. For a front tire, it is very grippy and predictable, and much better than the old 2.3 vigilante.

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      I resisted running a DHF for years because it was only available in a 2.3 and we all know that all 2.3 tires are not created equally. The 2.3 DHF looked so skinny. Once the 2.5 came out, I jumped on one and haven’t looked back since. I like the Magic Mary as well but for what you’re asking, the 2.5 DHF has been my favorite so far.

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      How is the vigilante for dry conditions? That’s most of my riding here in flagstaff. Mtnryder, I found all of the tires listed earlier for about $30, and that includes the 2.3 dhf, but would you say just spend a decent bit more to get the 2.5?

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      Well what I really want is Maxxis to come out with lighter casings for the assegai because I think that would be perfect for gnarly enduro races… even if they don’t I’m probably just going to get one this summer when enduro season comes around. So, if my front tire isn’t too worn by then I’ll probably throw it on the back if the one I get will work ok. I’ve pretty much eliminated the Mary so I guess it’s between the dhr2 dhf and anything else anyone can come up with.
      Thanks again

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      I haven’t gotten a chance to ride in really dry conditions on the vigilante yet, but it works very well on looser, gravelly terrain. It’s a really versatile tread pattern.

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      I run a 2.5 Minion DHF wide trail DD maxxgrip on the front – it’s the tyre I keep coming back to. That said, a WTB Vigilante would also have been my other suggestion.

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      So should I spend a little more to get a 2.5 dhf over a 2.3?

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      potentially – what exactly is the 2.3 DHF you’ve found? If it’s only $30 chances are it’s probably not great spec. On an aggressive trail bike like the Capra you at least want EXO sidewall with a decent rubber compound. I’d rather have a skinny tyre with a good compound and casing than a fatter one with a thin casing and hard compound, if you see what I’m saying…

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      Ya, I looked again and it’s dual compound which I didn’t realize before. I’m probably going to pass on the 2.3 dhf’s then since they aren’t the great deal I thought they were. So go with the 2.5 dhf? I’m tempted by a dhr2, probably half of it is so I don’t have the same dhf/dhr2 combo that it seems like 99% of the world has, but maybe I should just go for a dhf.

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      I’d go with a 2.5 DHF 3c maxxgrip if I were you, with either Exo or Double Down casing.

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      + for the WTB Vigilante suggestion.  Really a great tire up front, wet or dry.  Very confident and stable feeling in the turns and inline rough and off canter stuff.  I can’t recall riding a front tire as long as I have this one without a flat.  The flats I get are almost always from sidewalls grabbing the edge of a sharp jagged rock.  I can see the attempted cuts on the sidewalls, but no penetration.  I run the light casing/high grip compound version.  I can’t image what it would take to fail the tough casing version.  Just for reference, I use WTB’s Trail Boss (fast rolling/light version) on the rear.  Really good rear tire, climbs like a tracker tire.  For me, the Vigilante/Trail Boss combo has the best cornering feel, and best brake control, of any combo I can remember.  Even over the Nevegal’s I preached about for years.

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      I ran a tough casing WTB Breakout on the rear for a while, and it was probably the toughest folding tyre I’ve ever owned (though they ain’t light)

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      I used the WTB Vigilante for a long time, but once I started using the E*thirteen TRS Race, my whole world was rocked. Despite only being a 2.35” tire,  it has unparalleled traction (especially in the corners), super tough sidewalls, and is on the cheaper side of things ($70 for the top model).

      Review: The E*thirteen TRS Race Enduro Tire Has Bite!

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      i run a continental der kaiser and love it for dry riding, it isn’t the best for mud but for dry it is great

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      Bontrager G5 is a really confidence inspiring front tyre, better edge channels than the DHR2 (which is a very nice tyre too). read all about it here

      Bontrager G5

      and – – stay tuned to page 2, touch confusingly page 1 is about the old DHR, a nasty thing.

      Honestly the G5 is worth the weight upfront, its so “calm”

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