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    So I posted a question before ever introducing myself, kinda rude. So  how about an introduction.

    43. From upstate NY, lived in Germany for 10 years. Settled in southeast ga, married, mess of kids (who are awesome by the way). I mtb’d a little in Germany about 15 years ago. But hockey took up all my time, so I never really immersed myself in mtbing and singletrack.

    Raced a dirt late model for a few years before kids, once we heard triplets from the doc…… race car was gone lol. I’ve always been an outdoorsy person, and I love kayak fishing. Especially with a fly rod.

    But I’ve been looking for something more adventurous, athletic. And I see my ol’ bike hanging there. My retired dad in Florida started riding some paved trails and he told me to look up  Singletrack. Now I’m ticked off I’ve waited until 43 to do this. Seth’s bike hacks, singletrack sampler, skills with Phil, those guys across the pond on that big island lol. I’ve been doing my research, went through my bike. And have been having a blast.

    Oh and about my bike. Bought it in Germany around 2003. It’s a Carver SX7000, hardtail. RockShox Duke XC forks 108 travel. Shimano Deore XT cranks, shifters and derailleur. Brakes are rim brakes, but they are hydraulic magura. 26” wheels with continental 2.1 wide tires. It’s not the best and it is a little outdated. But it was decent back then, and at my current skill level and what I enjoy riding. It works great for me.

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    Welcome aboard!

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