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      Sure it’s just me and not knowing how to navigate the new system, but not loving the new trail format.  How do you look up trails by city?  It is nice to have the trails list by rating when that’s what you’re looking for, but having to scroll past them every time just to get to the list???

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      You can click the “See all” link beside the “best trails” heading to jump to the full result list.

      Most folks are using the map as the primary way to find trails by city.

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      Jeff, let me give you an example.  You travel to a new city and don’t have the entire state open to your day due to time constraints.  You want to see the local trails and listed in order by ratings so you can ride that day.  This was very easy to do on the previous format, is there a way to do that now?

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      Yeah if that’s what you want to do, it’s way easier now than it used to be. 🙂

      For example, say you’re heading to Moab, UT:

      Just past the map, the top 5 trails in the area are listed for you. If you want to see more than the top 5, you can click the load more button at the bottom of the list.

      If you’re asking how to get to a city page — say you start at Utah, and want to drill down to Moab — use the search box above the map. Start typing Moab and it’ll show up on a clickable list.

      A couple more things I forgot to mention. You can get to a city by using the search box at the top of every page the same way. Start typing the name, then select from the list.

      If you are on a state page, at the bottom of the page we have listed the cities with the most trails. Sometimes that’s helpful if you’re not sure what the top areas are for trails in that state (or country). In the Utah example, there are links to Moab, Park City, St. George, Vernal, etc.

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      Hey Jeff.  Great to see the new format, especially a better map system, =) which we have talked about in the past.  Love the map!  You said it was coming, and here it is!  So nice to have a more interactive map along with the best trail user reviews on the internet.  I also love having the actually trail rank instead of “Top 100” or “Top 1000”.   All the changes must have been a ton of work.  Thanks for all the efforts.  I assume there is still a lot you have to work out.  Here is some initial user feedback and food for thought that hopefully is useful as you seek to improve it.  I’m sure there are a thousand considerations I’m not seeing.  So take these as a grain salt.  First, maybe consider putting the Trail Conditions up where Total Riders count is.  Then put Total Riders just below State and Global Rankings.  The current location of both of these seem out of place at least to me.  For example, Total Riders is not about the physical nature of the trail like the rest of the info it is placed with.  However,  Trail Condition is about the physical nature of the trail.  Similarly, Total Riders seems quite connected conceptually to the trail rankings.  Second, would it be possible to move the Elevation Profile to immediately below the map, so it could be more spread out?  It is visually a little difficult to use being so small located on the side.  Third, you might list the details under “Before You Go” in two columns instead of single column.  Fourth, you might do the same for “System Trails” or in a palette as before.  Again, thanks so much for putting together this new format.  Super cool.

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      Thanks Floyd, great feedback. Obviously there are a lot of considerations that go into the layout so we’ll continue working to tweak and improve over time.

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      So I am not here to bang on new format. I will admit I am still getting used to it. Only been on this site for last couple of years but got used to the old format and understood how to use it to find what I wanted. New format is throwing me off but probably just need some more time working with it and I will see how to navigate. I can appreciate that the site is working to improve and become better.

      I would make the following observation. I am in Central Kentucky. I have used the site to find trails in other parts of Kentucky and in a couple of other states. What I note about the Kentucky trail descriptions is that most of them are at least 2 years out of date and some I would guess 4+ years out of date. The trails around here are being added to making them longer than described and increasing technically. I have worked to add reviews to advertise some of these observations. Not sure how the original descriptions were written but many need to be edited. Not sure if there could be some kind of feature of a running edit as some trails improve over time and other decline.

      Appreciate the site and the info I get from it, the articles that help me improve and the connection with the wider mountain bike community.

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      Thanks for the feedback m.krupp.

      One of the biggest issues with making all of this work is that the data we have for trails is inconsistent (or non-existent). 99% of the content is user generated, so we have to make a ton of decisions about what to do if we don’t have a photo, or a map, or the latest trail conditions, etc.

      We’ve always had the ability for folks to update trail descriptions, but few took advantage. Less than 1% of trail page viewers contribute ANYTHING – a review, a wishlist add, or a correction.

      Anyway, not to complain — we’ve found ways around this over the years. At the bottom of the trail info section in the new layout, there’s a block that says:

      Have you ridden this trail? Help improve this information.

      Click that link and you can make updates to everything from the description to the directions and even the trail length.

      Thanks to everyone who contributes to making this a better resource! Millions (!) of riders make decisions about where to ride using the Singletracks trail database so it’s important that we get it right.

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      Jeff, thanks for response. I will look for this feature. I do appreciate all the work done by you and your staff and any other contributors to the site.

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