New Fontana DH race video

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      Hi all check I think you will like it! Please let me know what you like and dislike about the video :?:

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      This is a preview of Bootleg a video about the bootleg canyon race

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      Well last time I rode was in the summer right now I have a spine injury so am off work off the bike I have spent most of my life in or on water Kayaking whitewater swiming in colegee etc but after a few ridding trips to Mammoth Tahoe etc etc am liking to ride but I a have always want to produce or direct an instead I work as a grip lifting heavy stuff for other producers So these videos are a good way for me to start shooting editing and be around ridding! 😃

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      Is it just my player or are the clips choopy? Good Job though!

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      Those were cool! I liked the fact that it was set to Metallica 😼 . Videos played just fine on my player…

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      AWESOME VIDS!!!! Makes me wish I wasn’t stuck in Florida. Lets see more if ya got any 😄

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      good video mine also chopped but i just paused it and let it load before playing it

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