New Fluid HT vs Used Fluid FS

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      Getting back into mountain bike riding after 15 years and have a $1500ish budget. Currently ride cross country style but would be interested in more ‘through the woods over rocks and streams’ type of riding. Whatever you want to call that.????

      What are your thoughts when comparing a new 2018 Norco Fluid HT 2+ ($1349)vs a used 2018 Norco Fluid Full Sus 1+ ($1600).

      I don’t care if it’s used. I’ve never ridden full suspension. And am a little leary of plus sized tires (simply because it’s new and seems gimmicky). I just want something good quality that will last me a few years. I’d do my own maintenance.

      Fluid HT 2+ =

      Fluid Fs 1+ =


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      We’ll, I am spoiled by full suspension and  could never go back to a hardtail so you know my vote. Try the FS bike. If you spin the crank efficiently, you’ll be amazed at the fun you will have.

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      Not trying to be a devil’s advocate here but if you have a XC background the hardtail might be better. HT’s are definitely capable on rocky, technical terrain and can be more efficient. Full suspension bikes have more moving parts and require more service and potentially more money to keep running. It’s always important to remember that when considering a FS. Also if it’s used you want to make sure the shock and all the pivots and linkage bolts are in good working order and have been serviced properly, that on top of other components. The HT you mentioned is new and at $1300 it’s probably pretty great. The FS is used and is a little more expensive. Just something to consider.

      Remember to consider your riding style and local terrain. That’s the biggest factor. Moto Bike Mike is absolutely right about FS bikes being fun. I love my FS and prefer it to a HT but my local trails and riding style call for that. There’s no right answer you just have to weigh the benefits and drawbacks and get what’s best for you.

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      Don’t discount plus tires if you’re considering a hard tail.  A quality tire running lower pressure on a hard tail can make a good riding bike.  Me personally, prefer full suspension, and would probably pick used FS over new HT (again, for me).  If buying used FS, my concern would be condition of the major stuff… forks/shock.  But honestly, the worst is usually that they’ve never been serviced.  If you can do your own work, it’s easy to replace seals, rings, oil, etc., for a nominal cost.  Any physically visible damage or lateral movement… walk away.

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      THanks all. In the end I got the used FS. Lovin’ it so far! Though still getting used to the plus tires. I’m running them at around 23 psi and feel like the front tire doesn’t want to bite on loose terrain.

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