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      After bike(mountain) i want buy clothes for riding bike. Has someone experience with driving bike and wear special clothes for Hiking one day or try mountain bike for few hours QUESTION, must i buy special shoes or are sportshoes also okay for riding. I see a lot of jackets special for rain my question the jackets are they necessary for ride bike or must i do the same first for try as daily life like normal jeans and jacket. I have no experience with wearing special clothes for bike what means about sweat and after cold what better for life and health. It is strange for me that no full jacket special for bike and hike are enough when it weather for cold and mean snow. I do this for living wear clothes but with bike i need help for better performance on bike and other one like other people read my clothes for hiking in bike. Someone can help me for fun in clothes and nice talk after that for special clothes.

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      Some advice please.

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      I have good mountain bike baggie shorts and zip up wick dry bike shirts for when I ride several days in a row on a trip, but often I just wear light weight cargo hiking shorts and pull over running shirts. As far as shoes I wear Sketchers Vigor 2.0 for everything, biking, mountain biking, hiking, and overall every day. I keep three pair around at a time. They are cheap and comfortable. My jackets and base layer stuff for cooler riding is all basic hiking gear.

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      Hello. I am also looking for some advice on clothing. Will take note of those products.

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      Personally I wouldn’t use jeans if you think you might also need a rain jacket. They get wet easily and NEVER dry out. 50 years ago when I was green as grass I took jeans on a backpacking trip through 12 inches of snow, and spent a lot of time trying to dry them around a campfire each night. They would char before they got dry. This was before I ever heard the phrase “cotton kills”, referring to the hypothermia danger from wet cotton in cold temps – like I said I was really a greenhorn back then, but that’s how you learn. I haven’t bought a pair of jeans since that trip. But I also think you don’t need specific clothing for most biking – your regular outdoor clothing for hiking should do ok.

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      Get synthetic clothes, shorts, shirts (long/short). Gloves are a must, helmet a must. Also, a nice synthetic jacket/windbreaker for if it rains.

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        Thank you for advice, I like your bike Gjmtb one question i want start with mountainbike and hike and i need an bike can you recommend me one i want spend 1300 usd for bike like Salsa, Specialized or elsewhere can you say something about and what are better Shimano stuff like cassette, crank and brakes or Sram one last question I see Rockshocks forks are better one but other experience say Manitou are also nice can you say what are better for starter.

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        Thanks. What you should do is visit your local bike shops and see what is available, talk to them about what trails you would like to ride, and what would be a good bike for that.

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