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      I recently bought a used SantaCruz nickel and it has very worn chainrings and cassette(rest of the bike is in good shape)I intended to use them for the remainder of the season, but I keep breaking  chains just riding in the neighborhood. It currently has a 3X10 with deore XT cranks and rear derailer, and Sram 7 clamp on front derailler. If I switch to a 2×10 setup can I use the same cranks? Will I need a spacer if I drop a ring? Any advice? Thanks.

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      Hi! Congratulations on your new bike! I think that unless you willing to spend money on a new derailer and shifter why don’t you just take a ring off and get 2×10? Or replace it with bash guard so you can reuse your current bolts? Just remember not to use last gear up front.

      I did the same to my 3×9 system since I never use that large ring up front and haven’t had any problems.



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      If you are already 3×10 it is relatively simple to go 1×10,, remove the front derailleur, take off the small ring, replace the big ring with a bash ring and either keep or replace the middle ring with what ever tooth count gives you your most used range (usually 30 to 34) and go with an 11/40 cassette. With adding a bash ring your single drive ring should be centered and good to go. I did it with my 3×9 switching to 1×9 and I am running 32 front with a 12/36 cassette.

      Going 2×10 would require spacers to get the two drive rings, one on each side of center, but still should not be too difficult.

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      To make sure you don’t shift into a non-existent third ring, you could just turn the upper limit on your front derailleur all the way in. Then the derailleur would stop before you could shift.

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