New Build: Octane One Zircus

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      Hello Everyone!
      This is actually my first post and really my motivation for joining single-tracks (instead of just creeping as an outsider).
      To give a little background: I’ve been riding since I was a kid, more seriously since 2007 and I just decided to start my first build from the ground up and see how it goes. I currently ride mostly single-track XC stuff on a specialized hardrock 29er…on to the build!

      So what I will be building is a toy/park bike – since I already have a tolerable cross country set up and I am moving further into the city I figure I should make something a little more fun around the park/city. Keeping in mind that by park I mean pumptrack/dirt jumps and such (as well as urban stuff).

      So Far I have:
      Frame: Octane One Zircus (2014 in black)
      Crank: Octane One 3 Pc Cro-Moly Pro (in blue)
      BB: the standard that comes with the O1 Crank
      Sprocket: black and white Deity Termite (25t)
      pedals: Deity compound flat pedals (blue)

      Next on the order list (this coming pay):
      Saddle: Deity Pivotal (black and blue)
      Post: Deity Syringe (with shim) (black and blue)
      Clamp: Deity Cinch (blue)
      (also likely going to pick up a repair/maintenance stand)

      As far as the rest of the parts go… I will likely be picking up some Octane one Solar Pro wheels (single speed) (don’t want to lace my own), an octane one half-link blue chain, Black Deity Bars, Black or blue Deity stem, Deity Grips, An Avid BB7 Back brake (no front)..not sure about tires. Headset will likely be an Octane one headset and Forks I am really not too sure about yet, but I don’t want to spend over 400$ Canadian.

      Let me know what you guys think, I am super stoked about this build – my friend is building a gold O1 void alongside of my bike as well. I will post pictures when I can.

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