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      <p style=”text-align: right;”>Hi all</p>
      I am coming back to mountain biking following a few years away, currently have a Scott XC style bike carbon frame.The guys I’m riding with push hard on some technical descents, so I’m looking for a more capable bike for the blacks on my local trails and occasional bike park / uplift service but still lively enough to enjoy some local natural trails, bikes I’m considering are an ex dem 2016 SC Bronson C, Orbea Occam am, Commencal meta AM4, Whyte t130, your advice on this would much appreciated.. thanks










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      The occam might be enjoyed! Would likely handle what you want to do and has a nice amount of travel MBA did a review on one…

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      Well, I ride a Commy Meta V4 and I like it a lot. It’s even passed my one year mark where I usually start hating my bike.

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      2016 SC Bronson C and the Commencal meta AM4 are on the burlier side of fence, while the Orbea Occam am and the Whyte t130 are less so. In other words, the first two are AM bikes that won’t make you miserable on a less aggressive ride. Whereas the last two are more trail bikes that can do reasonably well in tougher terrain.

      Temet nosce (know thyself). Decide what kind of riding you do and/or want to do and then choose accordingly. Party.

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      I would seriously look at the Pivot Switchblade or the Ibis Mojo if you want a more trail oriented. If you want to go true AM I recommend the Mach 6 or Mojo HD3.  All four have the DW link rear end that creates a stable pedaling platform.  I personally ride an Ibis Mojo HD3 and I have never ridden a trail that I wasn’t happy with it.

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      Hey Guys

      many thanks for your feedback to date, I’m actually taking out the ex dem SC this weekend for a trial… what’s people’s thoughts on the Santa Cruz brand.. are they just overhyped or is the build quality over and above the others. The spec on the Commencal and Orbea are better than the SC but at lower prices

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      SC are very good bikes,  but I don’t think they are really built any better than Giant, Specialized, Cannondale, Trek, Pivot or any other major brand name.

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