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      do badges stay with the bike, or go with the rider? My initial thought was to start over, but now I’m thinking put them on the new bike

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      ??? I’ve never seen them before and don’t know anybody that has those badges (stickers?) on their bike like that….and I ride all over the Western US.

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      They could add resale value…

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      I had a refrigerator in school that we started to stick our Chiquita Banana stickers on.  After a couple years, it was just about covered.  Not sure about the effect on resale value, since the refrigerator wasn’t ours to sell.

      What are these stickers?  Do they have sentimental value?  My son rode from MD to OR one summer and got stickers from local gas stations, restaurants and bars along the way.  When his bike got stolen, the stickers were the only thing he really wished he could replace, since they included a lot of memories.

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      Hey ILikeTexMex, those stickers look like Singletracks badges.  I looked over the site, but don’t see them anywhere.  Make them yourself?

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      Seasoned bike gets to keep what it earned, start fresh with the new rig

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      I am switching them. The goal when I started riding about 3 years ago was just to ride as many places as I could. It was an achievable goal for an overweight slow guy. I was using singletracks to find places to go.

      Originally Iconsidered a map like campers sometimes have, but it wouldn’t fit on the frame very well (and hopefully I’ll get more than just North America someday). So I opted for the singletracks badges. My wife made them for me. If you have a Cricut it is easy. She made me and my brother in law jerseys for a race we entered too 

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      I love the shirt! Nice to see some humor here and compliments to the artist. The slogan’s great too. Thanks.

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