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      Anyone here ridden or know someone who had ridden the 2018 Commencal Meta HT AM Origin or the 2018 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Alloy? I’m looking at getting the Commencal, but because of price drops on the ’18 Stumpys, I was considering them. From what I’ve heard, the only problem with the Stumpy is that the geometry is a bit too steep, or is that not true? Any advice on either of the 2 bikes, or any bikes in general would be great 🙂

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      Commencal Meta HT AM Origin  is 65 degrees. The Stumpy Comp head angle is 65.5 degrees. My Evil Insurgent in the top setting 65.6 and drops to 64.8 on the X-low setting (which I’ve never used). I probably will not use the X-low setting unless I go to a lift park someday.

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      Have about 8-10 rides on my new 2018 Stumpy Comp AL. It’ awesome, absolutely love it! The bike handles very well. Paid $2400 for mine. Heck of a ride for that coin.


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        Cheers for the advice Mike. The bike is also around 2400USD for me, and I had the exact same thoughts as you do. For what it is at that price point, it’s hard to argue. Something like a Trek Remedy 7 would suit me better, but the Stumpy does look kike quite a steal.

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      Yep, the Stumpy is so my better than anything I’ve ever ridden before. If you get one, take the time to dial the sag and damping clickers in to your weight and riding style. You will be rewarded with great suspension that works better the harder you ride it. Looking at the pics of your awesome trails, the Stumpy will eat them alive. This bike makes riding more fun! No regrets.

      My bike is stock except for a 50mm rise handlebar, Oury grips and, as of today, a tubeless conversion.

      Hope you get one. If you do, let us know what you think of it after a few rides.

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