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      For 2019 Trek is adding an aluminum version of the Slash:

      Seems like aluminum is making a comeback, which is good news for those looking to save cash, not weight.

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      “…which is good news for those looking to save cash..”

      Those bikes start at 5 grand. In my world, that’s not saving me any cash.

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      Yeah, not seeing much savings here myself. That said, I like aluminum frames and have personally always been distrustful of carbon for MTB applications.

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      The 2019 aluminum model is $3,500…a thousand cheaper than the carbon model. I’d say that’s a pretty good savings.

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      Aluminum frames only weigh about a pound more than carbon frames.  What makes aluminum bikes heavier is that they usually come with cheaper heavier components.  If an aluminum bike was set up with lighter high-end components, it wouldn’t weigh much more than the carbon fiber version with the same components.   In addition, I’ve never been able to discern any difference in frame stiffness between aluminum and carbon fiber.  I would love to see more aluminum bikes come with better components.  Assuming they both cost about the same, I would rather have an aluminum bike with better components than a carbon fiber bike with cheaper components.

      If you’re like me and you like 29+ tires, the Trek Slash has a huge amount of wheel clearance and would easily accept 2.8in (or 2.6in) wide tires.   If you wanted to ride a 29+ Slash,  all it would require is a change of tires.  I almost bought the Slash but then the 29+ Trek Full Stache came out and I bought the Full Stache instead.  The Full Stache has clearly demonstrated that 29+ and long travel do mix.  Riding a 29+ enduro Slash would be a hoot!

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      You’re right, Matt. That Slash 8 is 3500. I was looking at the Slash 9’s.

      I still think they’re marketing bikes toward the rich dentist crowd. Just my opinion is all.

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      Trek bikes are over priced, lower end components at high retail cost. I have had two, but will not buy another that has the fork and down tube clashing and the lack of value compared to say Giant.

      That said, my 26” Trek Remedy 8 was brilliant as I exchanged the wheels and cheap components for better equipment.


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