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      Hi all, looking for suggestions on sunglasses.  This is the one piece of gear I just can’t get right.  Most important criteria are: anti fog, don’t make face hot and price.  I typically wear only for eye protection and don’t prefer a lot of tint.

      It’s gotten so bad I’ve started taking my glasses off all together on climbs.  Just can’t keep the darn things from fogging.

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      Based on my experience, I don’t think it’s possible to make a completely fog-free lens. 🙂 Some are better than others, and while there are all kinds of glasses with anti-fog coatings, the ones with the best ventilation (less wrap-around coverage) tend to fog the least.

      Check out the Swanks from Tifosi. They’re inexpensive and are pretty well ventilated.

      Stylin’ Mountain Bike Sunglasses Throwdown

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        Thanks Jeff!  Found this video on the link you sent.  May try some shaving cream (or cat crap) on my current glasses before buying new.


        Watch: How To Prevent Foggy MTB Glasses

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        I’d second Jeff’s recommendation on the Tifosi Swanks. In addition to having enough ventilation to not really fog, they stay put on my face better than any other glasses I’ve worn. A couple weeks ago I even did a gnarly trip OTB and hit my head hard enough to retire a helmet without the glasses moving a bit. Add in that they’re only about $30, you don’t have much to lose.

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      Checkout Rudy Project.

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      I like Pugs. Not mountain bike specific but they are cheap and polarized. Cheap enough I have a pair of dark lenses for sunny days and a yellow tint for low light. I have some that allow some airflow through to keep fog down. Usually only fog when I stop but once I am going no issues.

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      Safety glasses from Lowe’s or Home Depot

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      There’s anti-fog coatings and highly ventilated designs that can work together to eliminate fog.  Some of the more radical Oakley designs apparently are effective at this, along with Smith.

      I wear primarily for eye protection and also to prevent the what I call the dapple effect in the woods on sunny days.  Glare protection is a distant third.

      I found Julbo’s Zebra Light lenses, which change color and are the rose/amber tint, to be pretty effective.  As long as I am moving, they don’t fog, but they will when I stop.  The frame is a non-radical design though.  I think those look really goofy on me, plus I dont want to pay a couple hundo for them.

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      Drop them down your nose a tad on climbs. Air gap avoids fogging.  Keep high percentage deet bugspray away from sunglasses. I take em off on the climbs. Clean at the top before head down

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      Personally I don’t like Oakleys, ive had a couple pairs and have not been happy with the quality of the lenses. They always seem to have a blurry tint, I’ve exchanged the lenses repeatedly on the last pair with no luck. I haven’t been happy with their quality vs price for a few years.
      I’ve had pretty good luck with the quality of Costa Sunglasses. They are fishing/beach glasses but seem to be of very high quality and are comfortable during rides. I’ve had the same pair for over a year and they have been great so far.

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      For those whose eyesight isn’t perfect, I would highly recommend a pair of prescription lenses especially if you like to push hard, ride at nite or ride more technical terrain.  Being able to really see what’s coming up ahead or the specifics of your line can be invaluable.  I didn’t realize how much detail I was missing until I got a pair.  I basically just replaced the Oakley standard lenses (which I agree are nothing special) with a set of prescription transition lenses coated to prevent scratches and fogging.  They work great even during my nite rides.  As for the anti-fog coating, it’s not perfect as I may get some fogging when I stop but they never fog when I am riding.  Just be aware that the lenses can be pricey.  To save some coin it’s better to use one of the alternative lens makers (like ADS eyewear or Revant), as they’re lenses are compatible with many different frames including Oakley.

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      i love my Wiley-X

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      I just picked up a pair of Smith Attack glasses from Steepandcheap for a solid price. So far I really like them.

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      A little update on my earlier recommendation on the Tifosi Swanks. I’m still really happy with mine but if you find you want a little more coverage or find them just a bit narrow for your face, the Swicks are just as good. I picked some up at an LBS for $24.99, they’re pretty good glasses for the money.

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      I recommend  lots of options, prescription and non, several types of lenses and colors, including photocromatic. I got my son a pair of photocromatic non-prescription for Christmas. They work real well. If you decide to go with photocromatic, it will take awhile to get them, US customs has a hard time understanding that someone would order non-prescription photocromatic sun glasses and they keep asking Ryder’s Eyewear for the doctors name.

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      Why don;t u go for nonprescription
      sunglasses 118001 which help from ultraviolet rays and i don’t know about the price but give them a try at least

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      I recommend Oakley. I have been using them for over a year without any problem. They are anti the frog very well and don’t make face hot, especially don’t bother your ears. The lenses are all in dark shades that are the most ideal for you. Any sunlight or intense glare will be reduced through their lenses, so it cannot harm your eyes.

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