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      I’m looking to upgrade to new wheels from the shitty Bontrager wheels that came with the bike. I’m looking for a wheel that can really take abuse and if that means it’s heavier I’m fine with that. Can I get a decent wheel set for less than $300? Is this an unrealistic price? I’d like to not spend $1000 for wheels but I also don’t want to go too cheap as I have learned that cheap parts often leave you disappointed. I run 27.5 and ride intermediate technical, not super gnarly but not totally smooth. Tubeless would be nice but it’s not mandatory. If anyone has any suggestions for a good wheel that’s not crazy expensive, please throw it at me.

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      Try the Ibis 738 wheelset for $550.

      It’s not crazy heavy and it’s nice and wide.  This’ll give you great grip as you can run lower pressures but you’ll want to run wider tires though.  I’m not a bean pole and I ride stoopid and they hold up great.


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      Non-Boost?  You can get some awesome deals on Novatec wheels on ebay or from discount online sellers. We’ve used them on our demo fleet for 3 years and have never had an issue.  Strong and reasonably light.  They’re usually set up tubeless but if not come with the tubeless setup minus the sealant.  Diablo or flow trail!

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      Sun Ringle Charger series wheels are terrific, strong and fairly light.  What has really impressed me is the bearings, these things roll forever!  Good luck.

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      What bike are you riding? Those Ibis wheels are a solid value, but if you’re not running 2.5+” tires, I would recommend something narrower.

      People will tell you that wider is better, which is true to a point. With a more typical 2.2-2.3″ XC/trail tire, those Ibis wheels will square off the tire’s profile making for odd handling. Just something to consider. Also, the Ibis wheels only come with Boost spacing.

      Stan’s Arch wheels might be a good fit. They’re 26mm internally and weigh about 200g less than the Ibis wheels in the 27.5″ size.

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      It’s a Trek hardtail with 2.2″ tires. I’ve looked at the Stan’s arch before and they looked solid, however it look’s like I’ll need a Sram cassette which is an upgrade for another day. I dig the idea of boost spacing but I’m not sure if it’s ideal for a low end hardtail. Thanks for the tips everyone.

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      You can run a Shimano cassette on them, Stan’s has drivers for both SRAM and Shimano. You only buy the SRAM xD driver if you need it. For Boost spacing, your bike would have to be built around that standard, which it sounds like it isn’t. You can’t fit Boost wheels on a non-Boost bike.

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