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      Hi, first time posting. This was my best guess at the most relevant category to post in so let me know if theres a better place to ask this.

      My Cannondale hardtail was stolen, renters insurance is paying me out for it, and i’m looking to upgrade to a full suspension since I recently moved from Houston (flat) to Seattle (not flat).
      I would love to be able to buy a brand new full suspension but i simply cant afford to fork out the money for one and i wont go into debt for it.

      I’m looking at a used 2016 Santa Cruz Bronson C S, Carbon frame, fox float factory x rear, rockshox pike fork. looks well taken care of, no frame damage, shocks and drivetrain were just serviced at a local shop, he wants $2300

      I’m also looking at a Santa Cruz 5010, the frame is a 2018 aluminum (warranty replacement) built with components from a 2015 5010. fox float CTD rear, rockshox sector fork, no dropper post. frame is brand new and has never been ridden. he wants $2000

      I’m getting hung up on the Bronson vs 5010 geometry and travel, older carbon frame vs brand new frame, but older components and no dropper post. I figure i might as well have the extra travel of the Bronson when i need it for the trails up here.

      Any input would be appreciated. I’m new to full suspension and am not a bike component expert. Obviously theres a lot of things to look out for and triple check when looking at a used bike to make sure i’m getting and honest deal and not a money sink hole.

      Michael Z

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      Out of the gate I’d say go for the Bronson…IF it is actually a 2016 model, the second edition of the Bronson. If it’s the first edition then forget it. The newer 5010 is enticing but it sounds like that actually might be the 2nd edition of that model considering the older parts spec.

      In the larger picture, do yr homework and check the sizing, fit, feel and how suitable each bike would be for the kind of riding you plan on doing. Seattle and the surrounding environs have some no joke technical riding so keep that in mind. Furthermore you might look to demo some bikes around the region. Even if it costs a few bucks it will be educational money well spent.

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      I ride a 2017 Bronson C and I love it.  The 2016, 17 and 18 are all the same except for color (v2).  $2300 is a great deal for that bike with great components.  The new 5010’s have become slacker and are similar to the Bronson v2 in geometry.  The VPP gives a steady platform for climbing.  I’ve ridden the older 5010 and the only advantage I’d give it is maneuverability.  But the Bronson is fun fun fun!

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      If these bikes were only driven by a little old lady to church on Sunday (essentially brand new), they are possibly an OK deal. However, if they were ridden aggressively by large men who hammered multiple times weekly on rough trail and the bikes weren’t well maintained, then these bikes are way overpriced. The fact that one of these bikes had a broken frame might be telling you something. Any bike that has seen a lot of hard use and is more than a couple of years old isn’t worth much. It doesn’t matter how much the bike cost when new, if it’s worn out, it’s worth very little. It’s like a 3 year old car with 200,000 miles on it. However, a bike doen’t have an odometer. I wouldn’t buy a bike that I’ve ridden for a few years because I ride many times weekly on rough trails. After 3-4 years my mountain bikes are spent and if I know I am going to buy a new bike soon, I tend to put off doing maintenance. One of my old bikes would likely need a new chain and cassette and for the shock and fork to be serviced. If a bike is cleaned up well, it can be hard to tell what condition it is in. At least have the bikes checked out by a good mechanic before you buy.

      In addition, bikes have improved a lot in the last few years—wider hubs, rims and tires, 1X drivetrains, suspension quality, modern geometry. You’ll be buying old tech and outdated standards. Would you buy a 5 year old used computer?

      Check out “Best mountain bikes under $2500” and other similar bike website posts. There are some pretty great bikes in the $2500 price range. Mountain bikes are evolving and improving so quickly that todays $2500 bike is the equivalent of about a $5000 bike from 5 years ago.

      Be aware of the possible down sides of buying a used bike and make sure your not spending too much for what you’re getting like outdated tech, deferred maintenance, and serious wear. It is possible to get some good used bike deals but you have to know your stuff well enough to recognize them. When you buy a used bike, you are assuming all the risks.

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      You didn’t really say if you have an actual budget but whatever it is, I wouldn’t be afraid to expand your options and buy a used bike off Pinkbike. I’ve bought a couple bikes off the site and sold 3 or 4 as well. Never had a problem. But specifically to answer your question, I’d go with the Bronson between those two bikes.

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