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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve resereached the web to find some useful information about backpacks and how to choose them. But a huge list of review websites give no understanding about the product I need.

    My previous Osprey Raptor 14 was extremely expensive and I think it doesn’t worth it.
    I would be happy if you advice some product cheaper than 80$.

    What I need:
    – Affordable price >60$ (is there any sense to invest such money in a backpack at all?)
    – Bladder
    – Realiable zippers (most important!)

    Am I missing some important feature?

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    I have had several that I liked but all the cheap ones the zippers were junk and didn’t last even one year. I now have a Camelbak MULE low rider. I love it, but the cheapest I have seen it is $75.  The low rider has a wider bottom, and a wide low bladder to keep the weight low.  Here is a link to the regular MULE at Amazon for $66           MULE

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    For $60, you’re not going to find what you’re looking for.  Unless you stumble on some massive sale…

    even then, you’re hard pressed to do better than an Osprey pack.

    The Osprey Raptor line is one of the best packs for the $$. High quality construction, great functionality, and a lifetime warranty (even on the bladder). I had to have the bladder clip warrantied on one of my Raptor packs and it was quick and easy.

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      Thanks! BTW, you are not the only person who recommends Osprey Raptor.

      Most reviews say Raptor is the perfect choice by all features…except the price of course 😀

      I guess there is no chance to find smth with the same quality for my budget.

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      What happened to your Raptor 14?

      if something broke they will warranty it.

      if for whatever reason it’s gone, look for the Raptor packs to go on sale. Osprey runs sales and introduces new colors all the time.

      I didn’t pay anywhere near full retail for either of my Raptor packs (10 and 14).

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    Consider ditching the pack.  Instead, attach your gear to your bike.  Ditching the pack was one of the best things I ever did when it comes to biking.  No more sore shoulders and back.  No more sweat soaked shirt, backpack, and back.  Riding in warm weather is so much cooler.  Get a water bootle cage and some sort of bag that attaches to your bike.  You will be glad you did.


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