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      Hi everyone,

      I have a cool project going on right now and am looking to the forums to get some helpful information.

      I’m basically trying to design a new form of protection for mtb riding, whether its enduro, xc, trail riding, whatever you want to classify your riding style as. At this point, I’m trying to get as much rider feedback as i can about what people use, what they like and dislike in current pads, and what could be done better.

      What would your ideal protection from crashing be?
      What do you love about current pads?
      What do you hate about current pads?
      What could be improved/changed?

      Basically, if you could create your ideal pads for riding, what would they be?

      Do you ride with pads at all? If so, can you give me some of your thoughts on them? Do you wear them on extended rides? Only on the descents?

      Do you have to take your shoes off to put them on/off?

      If you don’t ride with any sort of pads, why don’t you? What new features or new type of pad would make you want to buy them?

      This is the type of information I’m looking for, i want to develop exactly what us Mountain Bikers want and need so I’m looking to the forums for as much feedback as possible! Feel free to add any questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns.

      Thanks everyone!

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      I just responded to your original string. Hopefully that helps.

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        Thanks a lot Revengel! I really appreciate the feedback and that you’re an active member on the forums!

        It’s really nice to be able to get direct rider feedback from people experiencing the exact problem I am trying to solve.

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      I wear TLD Raid knee pads and generally have been very pleased with them. They’ve saved my knees more than once. The one drawback, I guess, is they slip on so I can’t put them on with shoes on, but that’s not a big deal to me since I put my shoes on at the TH anyway.

      Edit: To address some of your other questions, I wear them on any trail ride, long or short and whether or not I’m descending. The only exceptions are a novice group ride I sometimes join for the company of the people in the group and in the winter if there’s soft new snow.

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        Thanks for the reply!

        Any issues with overheating/ventilation or chaffing around your knees with the Raids?

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        I know some folks have complained the Raids (and other pads similar to them) get hot in the summer, and I guess they do, but I’m so focused on the ride and I’m hot anyway, so I don’t notice the knees in particular. I’d rather be hot during my ride than changing bandages multiple times a day. Been there done that before I started wearing the Raids and I still have the scars to remind me.

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