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      I need  help!  I bought a pair of takeoff SRAM Guide RSC brakes as an upgrade to Shimano MT-201s.  The front brake came connected and works great.  The rear was disconnected by the previous owner.  There is a plunger in the lever that does not let the fluid pass into the hose.  This seals to an opening internal to the lever and the stealthamajig seals to the other side.  I tried to remove this fitting and make it like the piston assembly like the other one in the picture below.  Now my brakes work but they don’t have much power and barely stop the rear wheel in conditions other than on the tool stand.

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      Guides can be hard to get right, when I built my evil, I got them from the factory and had to cut the rear to size, and re-bleed. I just did them as per the video by SRAM, then left the syringe on at the caliper, opened fitting valve, and pushed just a little fluid back in then reclosed. This made my rear brakes just as solid as the front that was sealed from the factory.  Also some guide versions have internal seals that wear, and some will be replaced by the factory. You would have to call with your model and serial to find out if yours are included.

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      This was a comedy of errors but I got the problem solved.  It all goes back to me putting the Stealthamajig on incorrectly.  I was told the olive just screws on the end of the barb.  The olive needs to go over the hose and then screw into the barb.  This allows the barb end to protrude into the lever housing and push back the fitting on the end of the spring.



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      The brakes were soft because I replaced the internal piston with an aftermarket one the didn’t seal as well.  When I would squeeze the lever fluid would leak past the seals on the piston.  I thought I had a problem with the piston but I didn’t.  Everything works now that I fixed the Stealthamajig and out in a OEM lever piston.

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