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      I sweat a lot while riding. I mean a LOT.  I also wear contacts, ao I have to wear glasses. But my problem is that the ones Ive tried some cheap ones and Tifosi’s and they fogged up and wouldn’t ever wipe clean.  Anyone have a cheap but not ridiculous looking option thats just works? Or any advice? Thanks

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      Great question! After testing countless sunglasses over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as anti-fog glasses. Why? Because physics.

      Companies claim to have anti-fog coatings but none of them completely eliminate condensation on the lens. Best case: with a hydrophopic coating, the foglets bead up and roll off your lens. But you still have streaky water droplets on your lens that need to be wiped away for clear vision.

      If fogging is a big issue for you, I recommend looking at glasses with maximum ventilation (that is, with lenses that don’t sit too close to your face.) When you’re moving, air flow is good so fogging generally isn’t an issue–it’s only when you stop. So if you remember to take your glasses off as soon as you stop, you should avoid major fogging.

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      The Oakley Jawbreakers I am testing right now are pretty incredible. Sometimes if I’m breathing hard or blow straight on them they’ll fog a bit, but it dissipates almost instantaneously. It’s pretty neat to watch.

      Also, these are pretty good too and cost way less than Oakleys:

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      Until you test them in Georgia… I won’t believe it. 🙂 Aside from humidity, ambient temperature also seems to make a difference in anti-fogging performance. If it’s cold, I get less fogging than if it’s hot.

      In my experience, there really isn’t a solution to humidity. Products like anti-fog and “breathable” fabrics just don’t work as well (or at all) when it’s humid.

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      I’ll be there in about 24 hours!!

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      So Jeff,  any recommendations on max air flow shades? When Im shooting Ive had better luck with my regular prescription glasses than full safety glasses.

      Btw, thanks Greg Heil, Ill check those out!

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      I agree with everything that Jeff said! I have a hard time with glasses fogging as well. Typically, I just take them off for the climbs because once I start sweating it’s over. At the top of the hill, I’ll put them back on to keep shit out of my eyes on the descents.

      The shape of your face and brow can contribute to fogging as well. I have had the most luck riding with more casual glasses; any Ray-Ban Wayfarer clone works well for me. And this is after trying countless cycling-specific glasses and glasses that promised to be “fog free.” Like Jeff, I call bologna on fog-less until I see it work in GA!

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      I’ve been scoping a pair of 100% speed craft LL (long lens). They are not cheap! but what they do to prevent fogging is sit off further from the face and have a vent port at the bottom of lens. To my knowledge we have not reviewed these (cough, Aaron…) but other reviews say they will still fog a bit from the top from time to time when you stop or during sustained climbs. The better airflow, once you pick up speed, quickly clears the fog. There’s a short lens version too. Good luck!

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      Get a pair of plain regular prescription glasses from Costco.. they are not that expensive and are poly-carbonate safety  (what all kids glasses are made of, because they are so hard on glasses)  Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses and they provide 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


      This gets them away from you face for more air flow, not quite as cool looking but not bad, and if you need sun glasses either get them tinted or with transitions lenses.   I have them with transitions and wear them all the time, and have for years. Dirt biking, mountain biking, hiking, what ever, and just everyday. I just keep my old pair around in case I break a pair.

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      My solution for multi hour rides in Florida once it heats up:

      1) Keep riding to dissipate the fog on your lens.

      2) carry individually wrap pre moistened len towelettes to clean sweat and debris.   Kimwipes will work if carry them in your pack and it stays dry.

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      I agree with Jeff. I used to struggle with fogging many years before but it stopped when I purchased MAGID glasses last year. these glasses are not too expensive, just around $8. I think it worth its price.

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      I sweat like a horse and fogging has always been an issue for me. Just to make it clear, I often have to stop and squeeze the sweat out of my helmet liner or bandana that’s under the helmet. So, with a lot of skepticism I tried a pair of Oakley Flight Jackets. They vent from bottom to top and have a “switch” on the nose piece that moves them further from your face.  I used them here in Maryland through our pea-soup humidity and was surprised at how well they performed.

      They did fog up a few times when I stopped, but once I got moving again they cleared up.  They did great on most days. You can fog them up, but they were the best I’ve tried so far.

      You can see them here:

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      I don’t have this problem. Maybe try wearing a head sweat.

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      Small container of warm water with some Dawn dish soap.  Stir the soap in by hand but be careful not to make a bunch of soap bubbles.  Dip your glasses/lenses in and let them drip dry.  DO NOT wipe them off.  The dish soap makes a thin film that prevents fogging.  It works really quite well.  Only issue is if you sweat a lot from your head and you splatter/drip on your glasses you can’t wipe them off or you will wipe off the anti fog film.

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      I’ve bought an anti-fog of NoCry brand on Amazon and it costs $20, which is 3 times more expensive than my old glasses. but it worths for its price

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