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      I am trying to decide between two bikes. I am looking at the Cannondale Trigger 3 27.5 and the Giant Trance 3. I know the specs are better on the Trigger than the Trance, that’s not what I am asking. The Trance 3 is the best looking Trance color wise in my opinion. What I am asking is ride characteristically, what does each bike “feel” like out on the trail as opposed to a parking lot demo ride. Again, I am not asking about components as I will instantly upgrade the Trance before leaving the shop as money is not a factor! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!


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      Last months Mountain Bike Magazine said the Trance has about the best rear suspension linkage system on the market. Not sure why you are comparing Cannondale Trigger 3 to a Trance 3 instead of a Trance 1 or 2.  Trance is a great bike on the trail, never road a Cannondale.

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        I do not like the color of the Trance 2 or 1! I am going to buy the 3 because it has the best color in my opinion and tear it down and build it back up with all high end parts and carbon rims. I will be putting just under 7 thousand in it not including the cost of the bike. That’s why I am not comparing the Trigger to the Trance 1 or 2. Thanks for the help and info!!!

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      The trance is a great bike on the trails for sure.  I have the trance 2. It has yet to let me down on having a blast on the trails.  Don’t know about the Cannondale as I have never been on one.

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      Just outta curiosity, why are you not considering a company that offers frame only if you want to custom build? Comparing the 3 trance colors, yes, the 3 is the better looking, but it is not better looking than other frames IMHO and yes I would buy the giant before the C-dale, but dude, why not just get a frame only?

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      Actually the Giant Trance, in the color of the Trance 3, has a frame set only with a better shock than on the Trance 3

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        I had considered that for sure but the bike shop said it would be “less expensive” buying the full bike stripping it and selling all the parts as new and building it back up as opposing to do a bare frame build. I truly appreciate the info and help. If you have any other ideas please shoot me a message anytime! Thanks again

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      whether one is cheaper than the other depends on a lot of factors. it’s possible to build cheaper than a complete but it’ll take longer as you sort thru deals on parts over time. Selling take offs totally depends on your local used market and/or eBay which may take a while to recover cash (nevermind PayPal and eBay fees and shipping).

      Guess it also depends on how many components you’re actually swapping. 

      You mentioned money isn’t a factor, why hassle with selling off parts in order to buy new?

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