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      I used to ride a lot in my 20s mostly single speed hardtails in North Texas. Now I’m getting back into it and am pushing 40 (37yo) I bought a used Trek Mamba cheap to see if I still liked mountain biking and now I’m hooked. I now live in Chattanooga and there are some awesome trails here but I’m too old and out of shape for the SS life and these trails are a little more challenging. To get to the point I’m already looking to upgrade my bike but my lbs has suggested it might be better to upgrade to a better bike as the cost of upgrading my current will be just as expensive. So I’m looking at two bikes that I can afford. 1. 2015 Fuji Tahoe pretty stock looks like a great fast XC bike $1000 2. 2015 Trek superfly FS 8 stock $1500 3. 2012 NINER RIP 9 upgraded Niner R.I.P. 9 Med aluminum full suspension 29er
      Converted to 1×10
      SRAM GX trigger shifter
      32t Narrow Wide Chainring
      Truvativ Carbon Crankset
      Mavic CrossMax wheelset
      XX1 Brakes
      Fox Float air rear suspension, has climb, trail, and decend modes plus several ways to adjust the rebound to suit you.
      Fox Front Air fork, with adjustable rebound as well.  $1100

      All are 29ers and all prices are asking prices. Now I know there’s a big difference in these bikes and I don’t mind hardtails at the moment but like the idea of FS also. What I’m asking is if you were in my situation what would you pick? I ride mostly technical stuff with a little climbing a little descending but not a lot of major drops. What do you think?


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      I’d get the Superfly because Trek is a known quantity AND since it’s a 2015, it has *mostly* newer geometry. I’m just not the type that would buy a 5 year old FS bike but if you go check it out and it feels solid (and fits), that Niner might not be a bad deal.

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      I would Check out konas bikes, I have a 2017 Kona kahuna it msrps for 1,300. Very good quality and I love it.

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      Out of your list Niner definitely is a winner, provided it’s in a ready-to-ride condition and fits you well. Superfly is good option as well but I personally would go with Niner.

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      I  use to live in South Eastern Pennsylvania, The terrain is so different from park to park, most of my friends and I have a FS and a SS.   Have you ever looked into a Steel hardtail with gears?  My steel hardtail is equivalent to a 4″ travel 26er full suspension bike and is stable on rocky trails then an aluminum hardtail.  Sometimes you can pick up one online for under a grand with top of the line parts such as wheels, hubs, brakes drivetain and not have to worry about replacing pivot points.

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