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      Hello! I was curious if anyone could take a look at me on this bike and help me out with frame sizing? Im worried that this frame is to small and could cause issues in the long run?

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      Your leg extension looks ok, though the frame does look a little small. I’m guessing you have the seatpost jacked way up? Hard to tell from the photo…

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      How tall are you?  What is the frame size?  How wide are your bars?  How far forward or back is your saddle on its rails?

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      From the photo, I agree with Jeff, the seat looks a bit high.  You look a bit “perched” on the bike.  Also looking at your feet and hands, the reach (horizontal distance between the feet and hands or more precisely BB to center of head stem) looks short for how tall you appear to be.

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      Yeah im 6’4, when i ordered this bike from DB it said on their site it was for people 6’3 through 6’6, when i received it i discovered that sadly it was no where near that size.  Super bummed but I’m probably going to end up shipping it back, and yes my seat post is like a mountain back their because of my longer legs.  As to the the frame size its the largest they make and considered a “XL”, first thing i did was roll my bars forward and adjust my seat to try and make room in the “cockpit” sadly none of them really made a huge difference

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      Wow, that doesn’t look XL. Is there any way to verify it is actually an XL frame? Maybe they just send the wrong size…

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      Agreed. It looks a bit small for you. I’d verify they sent the right size.

      I’m 6’1″, with a 6’3″ wingspan, and had a large DB Catch that fit me well after I put a 50mm stem on it.

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      Agreed.  I can’t believe that is an XL frame.  Something seems a rye.

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      Maybe you guys are right, It had a sticker saying XL sized though? Maybe they mislabeled? And yeah sadly i feel it too mongwolf thanks guys I’m sending it back and going tomorrow to a bike shop to get more help on sizing

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      Hmm, have you pulled out a tape measure to verify aspects of the frame geometry? I’d try measuring at least the top and seat tube lengths to see how they compare to the size chart on the DB website.

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      Yes, Whipsnap makes a great point. It’s always a good experience for a mountain biker to pull out a tape measure and start measuring all the geo.  In this case, it would help confirm things.

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