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      hi. new here on singletracks and was wondering what is the best or good brake cable and housing. i bought the bb7 because of good reviews. so all i need is the cable and housing which i don’t knoe which one to buy. i have an 06 giant boulder hardtail. thanks for the reply.

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      The best is going to be a matter of opinion but a list of good cable and housing systems are Gore Rideon, Shimano XTR, Jagwire Ripcord, Nokon, and Avid Pitstop. Most decent cable systems incorporate some sort of teflon application or liner to reduce drag and a sealing system to keep out mud and gunk. If you had to ask me my personal choice, I’d say Gore Rideon for performance and Nokons for sheer badass looks. 😉

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      Yeah, the Gore cables rock. They’re actually coated with PTFE which is the same stuff used to make Gore-Tex. Super smooth for shifting and braking and they should last longer since they’re completely sealed (doubly so counting the cable housing).


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      I am partial to the Gore RideOn cable system… Even after an entire year riding they still work great and help with the butter smooth shifting.

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      hi GoldenGoose, trek7k, element22

      thanks for all the good reply back. i will be looking into gore more. and also with the other options goldengoose pointed out and see which one is the best bet for the money and durability. thanks again.

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