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      Need help please, just getting into riding, am trying to decide between Jamis Durango 2 for 600 out the door, or Cannondale for women, haven’t priced em or test rode yet, would like to stay under 700, ease of use, comfort, and suspension are very important. Will do primarily rails to trails right now, road mostly, with eventual off roading, when more proficient, any feedback greatly appreciated.

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      Although I am HUGE Cannonball fan (albeit mainly for road bikes), I’d have to say you’ll get more for your $ with the Jamis. The C-dale F6 would be a good bike for what you described the use but the Jamis has better components for when you venture off-road. The problem is that I don’t know the cost of the C-Dale F6, so take that into consieration.

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      Thanks so much, I haven’t tested the Jamis yet, will do that today, however since the bike shop is moving, all their inventory is discounted, so the bike is roughly 600 out the door. Thanks Jane. I’m 5’9, 46yrs old, and not very padded, so want a comfortable ride also, lol, and will be first time riding MTB.

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      My advice would be to look into the gary fisher "genesisters" line of hardtails for what you want to do. It is a design/geometry specifically for female riders. They are great bikes, affordably priced, and they will grow with you as your experience level increases. Check out [url:399ublbx][/url:399ublbx]. The bike you want to look at is the Marlin GS. It is listed at $709 msrp, but you could probably get for about $600-650.

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      Thanks for all the input, much appreciated, I tested the Jamis, and loved it, haven’t been on a bike in too many years to mention, got seat upgrade, and some various other things, but went with the Jamis, I think it will be a great bike to get me started, thanks Jane.

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      I’m happy you’ve gotten back on two wheels, and picked yourself a decent bike to start with. Jamis makes very nice & well-equipped rides for not a lot of coin, only they’re just a little heavier than comparable bikes. Not that it’s a bad thing, as unlike lesser heavy bikes, the extra weight in a Jamis means extra strength (& downhill smiles!).

      I would’ve suggested you look into the Gary Fisher Genesisters line of full-suspension MTBs, specifically the Hi-Fi GS, but I didn’t get to ya in time. 😉 But if you get a chance, I [i:1r4nqdgp]highly[/i:1r4nqdgp] suggest that you find one to demo or test out sometime. You’ll be blown away at how well they ride & perform, as well as provide a better fit & comfort than just riding a smaller men’s bike. 😀

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