Need forks, but what/where to buy?


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      Need a lil help, I need a new set of forks for my mountainbike (older Giant ATX970, that has a blown RST381 fork).

      Im looking at

      Spinner Point 286 RLC
      Marzocchi 22R
      RST Omega TnL
      Rockshox Dart 3

      Which fork is going to give me the best value?

      Where around here can I get a shop to work with me on price. I talked to my local shop and he wanted over 200 for the Marzocchi, and the Dart, both of which I can get shipped to me for under $130. I told him this and he made up some crap about manufactures not honoring their warranty if the fork is bought online. And another $40 to install it. I dont expect a shop to match the online prices, just work with me, come down a bit, Id rather buy local than via the web. Ill call the guy up again today, and if he will at least meet me half way Ill buy from him and let him install.

      BTW Im in Woodbridge Va.


      *fixed the links*

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      20 plus views and not even a single vote aside from my own?

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      I cannot comment about the others but the Rockshox Dart 3 is ok I guess for the money.
      But if you look at Jenson usa they have the Recon sl for $219 which is much better or for $199 you can get the Tora 302

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      Lets say they are not really for trails…But more for those gravel paths.

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      Of the those on your list, I only have some experience with the RockShox Dart line, no opinion on the others you’ve mentioned.

      For the dart, other than super light greenbelt use, and perhaps the occasional hop down a curb if the sidewalk doesn’t have ramps, it’s not much good. Absolutely NOT worth the 150 to 200 bones you’re talking about. If it came on a bike intended for very casual use, perhaps (if the package deal was right as it was for my better half’s ride) but to spend that kind of coin for it as an upgrade, no way…

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      Thought I’d come back and offer something better than a ‘no, it’s crap’ that I gave above.
      As Mr Titanium mentioned earlier, the Rockshock Recon might be a good choice, and if you shop around you can catch some OE resales (of any brand) at half price or so. For example, this $400ish recon can be had for $219, which is just slightly above the budget you’re talking about. My ride has a year older stock recon, which serves nicely for my use, which does include some pretty rough terrain. (can’t say my rear shock does the same though. 😛)

      Do keep in mind if you look at OE resale forks, that they are already cut so you will have to do some measuring to make sure the fork will fit. To quote that sale I linked above: NOTE: Steerer has been cut and is 185mm in length.

      And finally, if you are a DIY type, this article by element will get you going. If not, let the pro’s do it. (I’d personally probably pay $40 (like you said) to avoid having to buy the cutters and other tools required to do it right)[/url][/b]

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      Ok, so, what then is the least expensive fork that isnt crap in yalls opinion?

      Keep in mind that the bike is a 1996 Giant ATX 970 with V brakes, and I got it for free.

      Thanks everyone!

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      BTW I weigh 160

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      Well I guess stick with rockshox. You want V-Brakes. The forks I mentioned previously have disk only. So your outta luck. Other than that I can’t really help.

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      Sadly it looks like Im going to be buying online and taking to the store, talked to another shop and they too just arnt willing to wiggle even a bit, even on what they have in stock.

      So Im now debating between a

      Marzocchi MX Pro Lo for $200 with shipping and vbrake mounting posts

      and a

      Rockshox Tora 302 for $190 with shipping

      Thoughts? [/url]

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      Thanks! I just ordered the tora, cant wait to get out there on it!

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