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      been out on my old faithfull mountain bike today with the cheapest of cheap front susspension and nearly rattled my teath out on a dirt track! i dont intend doing jumps or any major downhill cycling but fancy doing some cross country stuff along with a bit of trail riding! for pleasure not competitive. do i go for a full suspension bike or is it not necessary for my needs, would decent front susspention make a big difference . im looking to spend around £750 on a bike. i assume i will get a better hard tail for that rather than a poor quality full susspention?? any suggestions or advice greatfully recieved!!1

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      I got a great Cannondale prophet 05, for about that price on ebay. It is a full suspension MTB. I pretty much do the same type of riding as what you described. I love my bike. The full suspension sometimes saves me in hairy situations.

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      If you like the geometry, fit and handling of the hardtail, I would stick with it and look at getting a good quality front suspension fork. I did that on my first hardtail and it turned it into a completely different ride.

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      My advice is to invest in that front fork. It makes a world of difference. I suggest checking out used forks online.

      Also, 29ers rule.

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