need a little help on fixing my rear hydraulic brake.

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      Alright so this is my problem, i have avid juicy 5 brakes and while i was changeing the rear tire the brake lever got pulled while there wasnt a spacer between the pads. so now the brake pads are locked together because the caliper is all the way extended. i need help on reseting the caliper and seperating the pads so that i can put my rear tire back on. any help will be greatly appreciated.

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      It’s a simple fix. Just use a small flathead screwdriver to pry apart the pads and reseat the pistons. There is a specific tool made for this, but the screwdriver should work just fine.

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      This Blog article covers your question, and much more.

      As they suggested above, you’ll need a separator
      and to prevent it in the future, a spacer
      to insert whenever you remove the wheel. Note that the tool above (the purple thing) is used with the pads out. A thinner version, shipping shim, or cardboard as mentioned below should all do the trick.

      The author of the blog entry (element22) also suggests extra separators might be laying around the shop. Can pick one up on the cheap. He also suggests a folded piece of cardboard will do the trick for the spacer to prevent the pads from closing while the wheel’s off.

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      thanks for your help everyone.

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      My Formula Oro K24 brakes shipped with the spacers/separators. They are small and weigh next to nothing so I keep them right in the pocket of my camelbak.

      I use them all the time as a shim whenever my wheel is removed, as the minute the wheel comes off hydraulic brake curiosity seekers seem to appear magically and they all have a compulsion to squeeze the lever.

      I have also loaned them out twice now at the trailhead for someone to force their pads back apart.

      A quick search online doesn’t turn these up as something that can be purchased seperately, but maybe you can troll your LBS and get them to give you one?

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