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      Had to put off buying a newer bike until now. But I could use some opinions and suggestions on a good bike.

      I’ll need a bike that will be good for a "semi" beginner. I live in Colorado and love to do some good trails. I would prefer a hard-tail bike simply because I’ve have bad experienced with the suspension under the seat. And I’m willing to spend around $350-$400.

      What are some options?

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      At the $350-$400 range you’re looking at the entry level mountain bikes from all the major manufacturers. The Specialized Hardrock, Trek 820, Cannondale Trail 6 and the Giant Boulder are in the general ballpark for price. A few might be a bit on the high side, but you might be able to find last year’s model on sale.

      I would go to as many local bike shops you can find and ride as many as models as you can in that price range. Then make a decision on which one feels the best. They all will have about the same performance level.

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      Also check Craigslist and thte Denver Veloswap next month. We’re approaching the time of year when all the yuppie weekend warriors feel the need to upgrade. 😆

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