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      I found and nice Hardtail mountain bike, in a Surplus Property yard. It is one of 400 or more bikes, that were abandoned and forgotten. They get auctioned off in bulk in September, but untill then they stay outside. I cant find any info on the bike. The only words on it are DENALI. Its not a Bianchi. It has disc brakes, With Shimano LX Shifters/Brakes/Front and Rear Derailers. The front shocks are Marzocchi. I am trying to decide if I should try to save this bike from being left outside in the sun and rain all summer. Any info on the bike would be appreciated.

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      How much would it be? Is the frame ok? Is there any damage to the frame or componets? How old is it, appox?

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      They sell ’em at dicks sporting goods. If it has the clip pedals then it’s like $700 if not then it’s like $500

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      I don’t think you can rely to much on the theory that if it has these pedals then it’s this price or those pedals it’s this price. Many people don’t like or are scared to use clipless or clip pedals so they take them off in exchange for a platform. My advice is to take a picture of the bike and take it to your lbs to see if they know anything about it. Or take it to this Dicks Sporting goods and ask them. You could also look it up on the internet. Another good place to go is and ask R.C. If he ever answers you, he would probably know.

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      The bike you are talking about is a creation of Iron Horse, even though it will say North Face on it. Iron Horse makes the frames for for North Face bikes. The Denali was made in 2005, Dick’s doesn’t sell them any more, although we service all the North Faces a lot and I haven’t had any bad reviews of the bikes. I work as the certified bike tech at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Colorado and I actually considered buying the Denali for a fun ride. For the price the components are pretty solid. air front shock from Marzocchi, and almost everyting else is Shimano RD is either Alivo or Deore I can’t remember. Some of the North Faces had Easton handlbars and Cane Creek headsets some had Truvativ and FSR depending on the model, the Denali was one of the higher end models so I think it had the Easton and Cane Creek. All in all for the price it was worth trying and it rode rather well the few times I could take it out. If being outside didn’t kill all the components and frame, I’d get it for up to $300 maybe.

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