My 'Tubeless Ready' Wheels Actually Were

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      I recently picked up a 2016 Scott Genius 710 and the wheels have ‘tubeless ready’ written all over them.  However, dozens of youtube people claim that you still have to remove the factory tape and re-tape them yourselves.

      As an experiment, I left the factory tape in, removed the tubes, used their supplied valve stems, put a couple of ounces of stans in there, and they appear to be working just fine.

      I just thought I’d report in, since I heard so many people saying the factory tubeless ready was garbage.  They’re these:   Syncros TR2.0 28H : Tubeless ready

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      Good to know!   Thanks!!



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      Good to know! I would definitely do what you did–assume they’re good to go, and if not, then re-tape them. But usually factory taped tubeless wheels work just fine, at least in my experience.

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      My experience has been the same as Jeff’s ….the “Tubeless Ready” wheels just worked out of the box; for my road and MTB bikes.

      ….I think I’d have a fairly significant hissy-fit if they were marked Tubeless Ready and weren’t (the vendor and/or LBS would definitely hear from me directly).

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      Just a few days ago I put on a new Specialized Butcher Grid tire.  Wow, what a pleasant surprise.  It set up on the rim tubeless as easy as a tube.  I don’t know if it was a fluke, but if not, my life just got easier.

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        Yeah, same here… I didn’t even use a compressor.  Quite a few people told me that it was required to get a seal.  Totally wasn’t.  Schwalbe Nobby Nick and Rocket Ron.

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