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      I can speak from the past that I had learned about safety but too many times I came close to crashing into cars because they don’t care about bikers but themselves. I had warned many other people about wearing a helmet since the helmet had saved my life three times. The issue I also brought up that the issue of Mine Falls in Nashua, NH is not as safe to ride as some say. I searched on Google and it showed a five star rating in which I think its a complete joke. Some homeless people camp there all the time and there was a few close calls I had one come at me as I was riding through. I notified the Parks and Recreation Dept expressing my concerns of safety especially with kids. So far from the years I been riding, I can’t ride there because of too many close calls. I notified the police  as soon as it happened but refused to do anything about it. From what has happened it shows that no one cares for the safety of the people who goes through Mine Falls. Since this is my first forum posting I’m just sharing my riding experience.

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      I’m sorry that happened to you. I’ve ridden in Mine Falls a couple times with the Tuesday night NEMBA group ride and we’ve never had any issues. Granted, those were fairly large groups, but I’ve also walked around Mine Falls solo many times and never had any issues, close calls or concerns. I’ve seen an old beat up tent or two in the woods there, which doesn’t surprise me since it’s close to the highway and the city of Nashua, but I’ve never seen them occupied.

      Hopefully, while certainly not pleasant for you, the things you experienced were very isolated issues. I know a few people who bring their kids there, including one who rode there yesterday with little ones, so I’ll mention it to her. Again, I’m really sorry you had such a bad experience there. 🙁

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