My now 11 year old gravity riding son……

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      thats awsome you and your son can build a great relationship through MTBing

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      awesome. thanks for sharing.

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      That is awesome !!! Looks like he has done that a time or two !! My son is 12 and I have had him out a couple of times and he has enjoyed it. I am working on a deal on a nice 13" Trek at the LBS for him. He has done a pretty good job with the clunker he has now. With this new bike, he should enjoy it even more. Thanks for sharing.

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      Dude, Your Son rocks, We will be reading about him in MTB Action, in no time!

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      My wife,son and I have had the pleasure of riding with Chilipepper and his family and aside from them all being very cool to hang and ride with,Chili and his son have some awesome skill on a bike.Hell,Jaco is 4 times the gravity rider I’ve ever been and is actually an inspiration to me to step up my bike and gravity game,haha.

      Chili bro,I meant to PM you about those shots and videos,very awesome and I can see what you mean about him overshooting that landing,haha.Looks like you guys had a blast and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it.

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      Hee Hee that pepper didn’t fall far from vine hey Chili. Your son is truelly talented in aerial acrobatics. 😃 Are you sure he wasn’t born with wings? Great pics. I wish I could do that.

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      This is sooooooo Cool! 😃 I look at this post a lot and am still amazed!

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      Yo Chili and Jaco,keep crankin out those jumps,drops,and gnarly tech terrain.Cool vid’s and pic’s by the way…. 😎

      Hee Hee that pepper didn’t fall far from vine hey Chili.

      Too true,,,tooo true….

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