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      I’ve been hunting for a frame I sold back in 2003 since I started riding again last year.On my once a week or so trip through the ads on craigslist I happened across this EVO 3 frame and while I’m not crazy about the color,it IS my frame I’ve been hunting!


      For $150 it came with the XT cranks,Race Face Rings and BB,WTB Grease Guard headset and I believe an LX front derailleur that he forgot to toss in the bag.

      I happened to have the correct size seat post laying around already,and my fork steerer tube on the Blackcomb should JUST fit the headtube on this new frame since it is a size bigger.I have to machine a rear disc brake mount for it and I doubt I can re-use all my cable housings off the other bike so I’ll have to run new cables as well but I picture it being rideable next weekend!!

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      Sweetness man, when you get it all together and ride-able, post another pic will ya? I’d like to see how that turns out for you. At a buck fifty that’s pretty dang good I’d say, especially for CL, I always find junk that is way over priced!! An example would be a 2002 Specialized Stumpjumper for $500, with stock components. Anyway congrats on the find.

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      I’ll get pics up when it’s put together for sure,hopefully this weekend if all goes well.That $500 Stumpjumper is probably not going anywhere anytime soon at that price,haha.

      I got the frame all cleaned up,swapped out seat post clamps and removed the V-brakes.I see why he had the V-brakes though…there is a replaceable disc brake mount that bolts to the rear swing arm and it is missing.I’m gonna email K2 and see if they have any left.


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      looks like its going to be a sweet ride and a nice step up from your current rig.

      and as a fellow cl scavenger, congrats on the craigslist score.

      when i get up to gainesville you’re going to have to take me by that DJ spot!

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      Oh hell yeah bro,we’ll go shred the DJ’s and another spot if you want!

      Got an email back from K2,no more disc brake mounts,they told me to check Rapid Descent out of Scotland and I did but they have shut down their online store for good.The bike shop I originally purchased my first K2 from is no longer a dealer but on the off chance they’d have one sitting around I’m gonna ask.

      Looks like I’m gonna have to make my own rear disc mount.

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      With that Noleen NR-2 POS shock it’ll get about 4.5 but with a slightly longer longer stroke shock I can get about 6 out of it I bet.I’d like to get a Fox Van R but their shocks are just a bit too far off mounting wise.

      It should match my fork pretty nicely until I can upgrade the suspension to get about 6 all around.

      I love this frame and can’t wait to hit some drops with it!

      Oh yeah,what kind of adventure? The parts searching one? Haha.

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      Hey bud, congrats on the new frame! Ol Taco Grande showed me a pic of it on his phone the other day ,but it didnt do it justice.Man that thing is sweeet. The colors even match the mexican bike hauller! 😃

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      Thanks man,it’s gonna be the shiznite!!!

      I gotta machine my own rear disc mount because there are apparently no more in existence anywhere on the planet.

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      That sucks on the brake mount bud,but you’ll figure it out. If you need another noggin to study it let me know. I’ll bring my Dixie co. repair kit w/ me 😄

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      The rear brake mount is being drafted this weekend and machining will start next week,until then I plan to run the rim brakes that the previous owner had.

      Sorry for the repeat photo,nothing new,but when the site changed it chopped off part of my previously posted pics so I’m just curious what it will display like with the new site changes.


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      Have a problem with my fork and it fitting my new frame since I cut the steerer tube for the old one but swapping the headsets will allow just enough room I believe.

      Here is a shot of a rough model of the brake mount my dad did for me.


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      Head tube on the Blackcomb is 125mm.

      Head tube on the Evo is 160mmm.

      I have 30mm of spacers I can remove leaving me 5mm short of the desired 4mm from the top of the stem to the steerer tube,and thats if I swap headsets.The WTB Grease Guard headset is a few mm’s thicker.

      I considered welding on the extra 10 mm’s I would need but that would only be possible if I kept the part I cut off and I gotta look in my toolbox at work before I know what I did with it.

      I may be waiting on a new fork honestly.I’d be able to deal with a tiny bit extra welded on the steerer but I don’t think I kept the part I milled off.

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      good shot of the bottom bracket…


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      I got some wheels on it!



      When I get the bash guard machined I’ll put the cranks and derailleurs on and run the chain. 😃

      Not gonna need a very long seat post,haha

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      its looking good, cant wait to see it complete, it should be real sweet on the trails and feel way better than your blackcomb.

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      No reason but lack of a helmet,I’m keeping an eye out for a full face just for those ledges!

      Negative on the adjustable travel,and a pretty odd mounting hole spacing of 8.190" for the shock.The shock feels very dry and crusty so I’m gonna rebuild it this week.

      I remember the other K2 I had like this feeling like a pig in the corners and I think this frame is the next size up from that so it’ll be interesting to see how it feels.With the 5" fork on it it seems to have a pretty slack head and seat tube angle that I don’t remember having on the other one.

      The center of the bottom bracket sits at 14" and I remember the other one feeling tall but damn,no scrapin’ the log crossings anymore!

      While the Blackcomb was acceptable and felt much better than the XC style FS Wal Mart Mongoose,having ridden this K2 frame before I knew what I was missing…not anymore!

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      looks sweet galaxy!

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      Thank you man…one day you’ll see it in person at Santos 😎

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      Gettin’ closer,just gotta run the cables, lube the shock and machine my rear caliper mount and it’ll be ready to ride. 😃



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      i think youre gonna have to cut your seat post too…but man that looks sweet!

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      Haha,I actually cut the seatpost down about 3 inches yesterday morning before I took those but you’re right,I’d like to figure out my highest needed seat height and chop the unused part off.

      It looks like if the suspension compresses enough that the seatpost would hit the shock but it won’t.

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      looks nice galaxy!

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      I cut another 1/4 inch off the seat post but that’s about all I’m going to remove unless it hits the shock on a drop or something.May look goofy when lowered but if I cut it any shorter I can count out any long trail rides,the only time it will be that low is for jumps or drops.

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      how’s it coming? get that mount machined yet?

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      Got the mount machined and it fits perfect!








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