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      Here is my new bash guard I came up with today,I think it came out pretty good and if I didn’t lose a bolt on the way home I’d have pics of it on the bike,haha.


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      Your going to have to re-post with an image

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      Chilly what brouser are you using

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      Yup there she be.

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      Gotcha…Now if he only had access to a CNC machine he could play and make it uber nice….

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      I’ve got a resume’ out to a place that has some million dollar CNC machines…I’d love that job but I probably wouldn’t get away with making anything cool like this.My goal is to one day have a shop at my house with a simple 3 axis CNC that can be making money itself.

      Not sure why the photo hosting crap is messin’ with ya element,have any of my other posts not displayed an image for you?

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      Have you thought of designing other parts?

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      "soezgg" wrote

      Have you thought of designing other parts?

      Just out of necessity like the rear disc brake mount for the K2 frame I just picked up,there are apparently no more in existence on the planet so I have to make one if I plan to run a disc in the rear.

      I’d like to design and manufacture a variety of small niche parts like that that nobody else is making but I’m not gonna try to compete with Straitline Industries as far as making some of the most innovative parts around.If I happen to one day make something that takes off and builds a name then I may think about other parts.At the moment I’m just a manual machinist in the most basic of shops…it’s like stepping back in time to what a machine shop would look like in the 50’s.

      Thanks Chili! Hopefully when you see it in person it’s got some dirt on it! 😃

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      looks good galaxy!

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      Thanks man,I can’t wait to hit a log with it!

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