My MTB/Camping Trailer Project!

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      Here’s my trailer project so far, I’m fitting it out for taking MTB trips this Summer!

      Opinions and criticisms on either the project or the blog itself is appreciated, I’m new to blogs.




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      Ivan – very cool project! I’ll keep up with your progress as I’d like to do something similar this spring.

      Did you consider a slide out “tray” for loading/unloading bikes vs a fixed shelf system?  Seems to work well for many camper van set ups where entry is difficult.

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      Thank you! I did see some really sweet slide-out systems online when I went looking for ideas. But with the need to easily swap between solo/crew/regular old enclosed trailer mode I decided a slide-out wouldn’t be worth the expense, complexity and potential for extra movement. I’m limited on budget as well as intelligence so I went for the more simple modular approach. 😀

      The next step on the trailer will be stabilizer jacks, they should be here this weekend so hopefully I’ll have a minor update next week! After that I think it’ll be ready for road-trials.


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      Looks good!  Is the trailer long enough to put the bikes in without removing the front wheel?

      This trailer with a fold-up canopy would be a perfect set-up.

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      My bikes should fit with the wheels installed, but some larger bikes might not. The interior length is 6’1″ so by going for the wheels-removed method, I won’t have to worry about fitting my buddy’s XL-frame MTB in there. The other thing that appeals to me is that it takes care of stabilizing the bikes as well, since the forks are locked in. It’s a tradeoff, but to me it’s worth the extra step of removing the front wheel.

      I agree 100% on the pop-up canopy idea! I spent some time researching them last night actually, apparently there is a difference between the $60 ones and the $200 ones but the varying opinions on brands etc. are enough to drive me to drink if I hadn’t already been drinking. There are also a couple pics online where people made awnings out of tarps, but the pop-up idea would be cleaner and faster to set up.



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