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      I did my first single track ride today. Did around 8 miles on a beginner level trail. It had some climbs, downhills it was nice. I found after my first " trial " ride and a few adjustments, it was not as hard as I thought. I know it will be alot different trails. I am coming over from motocross. I did well on the track with my bikes, now I look foward to competing later this year. I am riding a Trek 4300 I got a good deal on. I had an 820 lined up to get but it fell through. The trail I rode was Sylaward, in Alabama. I am glad I found this site, alot of good tips and reading. The site MTBR also has helped me out. i hope to meet some of ya’ll on the trail maybe. 😃

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      Welcome to the site, and it sounds like you had a great ride!

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      Congrats and welcome. Being an Ex-Motocrosser I can relate. Wait till your first knarly climb and you have to stop to catch your breath you’ll be wishing for a throttle on the right handlebar again. LOL Use your dirt skills and you’ll be fine because you already know how to rail a corner. Things happen slower than a motocrosses but you can crash just as fast and you don’t have as much equipment. Have fun! 😄 Later,

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      Thanks guys. the downhills I could have been more aggressive but I want to work on form. Billy you watchin the SX tonight, live on Speed, 7:30pm EST. I look foward to enjoying many rides in the future.

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      Welcome towrmonkey,glad to hear that you like Mtn. Bike,good to have ya hear on singletracks as well,more the merrier,more than welcome to hit the forums with us..

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      Welcome to the site and the sport towrmonkey! Coming from cross will likely aid you in picking lines, but now you get to rely on your own motor for the climbs : ) The 4300 will be a great bike to get you out and tackling trails… it did me well. Push it to the limits, the bike can take a beating and will let you figure out exactly what kind of rider you are/want to be. Soon enough you’ll be addicted and looking to step it up with a new bike to take your riding to the next level. Enjoy yourself out there!

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