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      Haha, it was pretty funny. I was perusing the electronics section of our local Walmart Supercenter over in Chiefland, and my wife came back from the personal hygiene section. She said she saw an interesting bike in the biking section of the store, that might have an interesting frame to part out, similar to my Snare. It turned out to be a standard XR-75 model. I was pointing out to her, from my experience with GALAXY, and I pointed out the flaws on the bike; notably how she wouldn’t be able to mount disc brakes to it from the lack of mounting posts on both the fork and rear "arm". Also how she wouldn’t be able to find a shock that short, I think it was very short from eyelet to eyelet.

      Then the guy in the blue vest walking the area walked up to us as I was pointing out that unless she changed out the front fork, a disc brake was impossible. He started talking about a model of bike available online that had two disc brakes. I told him that I had the previous version, my Snare, and that she’d most likely need the newer version called the Status. Both are made by Mongoose. After a bit of looking around, he told me his bike was 8000 dollars and weighed in at 13 pounds.

      While normally, I’m a trusting person, I’ve grown up around BS artists for years as several of my friends were. I can spot a BS artist a mile away. This guy was maybe 23, and saving having a good trust fund, and assuming he still lived with his parents, I sniffed him out, and I just laughed to myself. I just thought, he’s working at Walmart, earning maybe minimum wage, and he’s telling me his bike is worth 8G. I know people, most notably my lifelong friend Jason, who’s heavy into road cycling. His bike weighs maybe 15 pounds and he’s spent over 3G on it. He also works for the government back home so he makes pretty decent coin. I have friends back home that are avid riders that don’t make a lot of money, but make a lot more than minimum wage, that don’t have bikes worth more than a thou. This guy at Walmart trying to kiss up to me because I knew a few things, just made me laugh out loud. What do you guys think? Was he full of it, or do you feel he’s legit? I know what I think. 😛

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      15 pounds how that is lite, did it come with a frame?

      For further wal-mart fun,

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      I’d have started grilling him about how much carbon was on the bike and where he rides and tried to get him to talk himself into a corner.

      "so you must have a full carbon bolt set on there with carbon spokes huh?"

      I’d have actually asked why he was working at Wal Mart if he can afford such a nice rig…possibly he was given a real nice bike and exaggerated the weight a bit,and is just a broke ass college student but there’s no college in Chiefland so I doubt he’s making the drive to UF everyday.In fact,where the hell would he ride that bike in Chiefland?.

      I went through a Wendy’s drive through last Thursday and my friend asked if I’d ever noticed the Specialized 29’r chained up out back,I said no,and he said it’s gotta be stolen, after we order,we pull up next to the bike leaving about a car length gap between the car in front of and behind us and just looked at the bike.When we pulled up to the window the guy looked out behind us and asked if someone was standing in the way,we said no,we were just looking at the bike,is that yours? He sdaid No,that’s my boy’s in there.My friend asked if someone gave it to him and he said no,he would rather ride a bike than own a car so he sinks all his money into his bikes,he even has one with one fork.

      It’s hard to judge people by where they work and I try not to,but I would’ve guessed that 29’r was stolen too,and I’d have been wrong.

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      Well unless his bike is something like a Time RXR road race bike..I doubt it.

      Yes there are many very light and expensive bikes but a 12 pound MTB Naa..Not a real one at least. I just looked it up and I see a 12 pound Scott Spark Hardtail at that weight and nothing on it is stock.. A total Mix of Uber light parts that probably will break..Least where i live they will toast in a very short time.

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      While you were at Walmart, did you pick up some of those semi-solid foam rubber tubes? Or maybe one of these?

      As for the blue-vesty and his uber-cool bike, I suspect he was trying to make fun of you…

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      he could have been an aspiring racer, but it sounds like he was just spraying to me.

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      Haha you guys are all pretty much in line with what I was thinking. I, as many of you, don’t judge a person based on where they work, but yeah, this guy didn’t come off as a serious rider. Just another monkey working his average job. He didn’t seem to have any real passion or anything.

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      I am certainly going to try to get up with you guys next week CP. My problem is that I’ve been a night owl for over a decade so it’s hard for me to go to bed early enough to get any semblance of sleep while still getting up at a reasonable time. 😛

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      Haha, Chili you rock dude. I’ll happily try to meet up with you and the boys next weekend. I realise I’m in the minority as a night rider, but I’m sure me and my wife can meet up with you guys at some point. I’d like to know where you guys will be at what time of course. We can even bring a few things to eat, I’m sure. Just keep me apprised as to where you guys will be and I’m sure we can work out something with your cookout. My wife and I are not vegetarians, thank God, and I assume you aren’t either. If by some chance, I still hope to ride with a few of you at least. My helmet light allows me to ride just fine at night considering I’m a big night owl. With any luck, some of you guys will join me. My wife isn’t much of a trail rider as her bike doesn’t afford her the luxuries that we enjoy. But she does enjoy getting out from time to time. 😀

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      It’s all good, man. If you can still make it and if by unfortunate circumstance I can’t meet up to ride with you guys, I’d still like to meet you. I have a few questions I’d like to pose to you. Moreover, just advise I’d like to ask you for on a few things. Until this weekend man. Good luck and ganbare! (Japanese for keep your chin up).

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