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      Wondering how many people think their skills outside of mountain biking have improved from mountain biking? I know that when I’m riding trails there is alot going on that you have have to stay on point so it doesnt get ugly so those skills transition over to many other things. Take driving for instance, people think they can multi task driving and they think they are good at it. How far off are they, seriously, wow you can drive and text or eat or read all together? Hogwash! Like all us bikers know that when you ride trails it takes everything and I mean everything to have a safe fun ride. Focus, balance, reaction, strength,attitude, fitness, among changing conditions always. Not to bash on street bike riders either but when you ride street you tend to look for a comfort zone thats easily achievable but not in the trails , its always changing. I can say that coming from a bmx and dirtbike riding back ground that biking, especially trails has made me a much better driver also. Ya look at every detail in the road and other vehicles or fellow bike riders and walkers just everything is more important so the drive is safe for me and others. Think your good at muti tasking? Try riding some trails,

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